10 Tips to Dress Appropriately at Work

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Here are some tips to implement in your work area.

I do not know if it happened to them, but sometimes you get to an office or work place and you see one of strange things that I do not even tell you.

There is a lot of confusion when the jobs tell you that it is “casual day” and they confuse it with the fact that they can wear pronounced necklines, short skirts, all colors on top or too casual. Even scruffy clothes are seen out there.

That is why here I share some tips to implement in your area of ​​work or help to that friend so that, although not wear a uniform on a daily basis, look good and appropriate to the place (đồng phục công sở).

  1. Learn the dress code of your company – Ask your supervisor the dress code that applies to the place. Although the idea of ​​”office clothes” usually evokes images of business suits and closed heels, the dress codes in companies actually vary. Some companies prefer that their employees maintain more formal appearances, while others allow them to dress casually.
  2. Buy essential clothes that adapt to your company’s dress code – If you are expected to wear a business suit every day, you need to invest in some that are custom-made and of good quality. You do not need to buy a new outfit for each day of the week. There you could complement with good accessories, scarves or jewelry, among others.
  3. Avoid low-cut, sleeveless blouses – Again, each office has a different dress code, but this is a good general rule. Make sure your chest is completely covered when you go to work. If you have a closet full of sleeveless blouses that you want to wear, put a jacket or blazer on top of the blouse.
  4. Invest in some fitted blazers – Choose a blazer with the colors you use most often, such as black, cream or navy blue, to get the most out of it. Check that they do not have loose threads and shake your shoulders constantly of any hair residue.
  5. Keep your skirts and dresses at the knees, at least – Make sure your skirts and dresses are properly fitted. You can show your curves by making sure at the same time that the ring is appropriate.
  6. Buy pants for your work – The tight and structured black pants are the perfect attire for the office, you can also combine them with almost any type of blouse, blazer, sweater or dress.
  7. Wear comfortable shoes – No matter what your work demands, you need to make sure you can use them throughout the day. Preferably the use of closed shoes.
  8. Avoid very flashy jewelry – The most appropriate for the job consists of elegant pieces, but do not blind. The delicate necklaces, the screens, the watches and other discreet jewels can help to create a style without distracting so many looks.
  9. Choose a professional and structured portfolio for the job – Crossed bags, colorful handbags can be very good for other places. Make sure all your belongings fit inside and do not see that it is exploding.
  10. Keep your makeup simple and natural – The key to make your makeup look appropriate for the office is to remember that you should only enhance your natural features. Important elements: base to match your face color, mascara or mascara and lipstick.