12 Little Things You’re Doing to Hurt Your Design Workflow [Infographic]

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Whether you’re the VP of Marketing, an Account Manager, or even a CEO, everyone has a preferred process or workflow when it comes to website design.

These workflows keep your team running efficiently while saving you a ton of frustration and time in the long run. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to find an efficient workflow that works and even more difficult to keep it current.

It’s important to regularly evaluate your design process and look for any areas that can be tightened up and improved.

Canva, an online design platform, is dedicated to making design in the workplace as simple as possible. They reached out to different business owners and designers to discuss their workflows and what hurdles they run into when it comes to completing a project. Surprisingly, they found that there was a number of bad habits that teams had that were, in actuality, hindering their company’s design workflow.

Their conversations helped them put together this infographic of the 12 most common habits that are hurting your design workflow.

The infographic covers warns again things like:

Changing Copy After a Project is Designed: 

This is one of the most commonly broken rules in the design process. Changing a page’s copy post-design can drastically change a page’s layout and affect the imagery used on that page. Nail down your copy first, then design.

Setting Multiple Deadlines for a Project:

Setting a clear deadline for a project is a crucial. Typically designers are working on multiple projects at the same time, so changing a deadline can throw a wrench in other projects.

Using ASAP for all Deadlines:

Designers need time to research and visualize a solution for a project. Rush projects don’t leave enough time for the discovery phase and rushing can lead to mistakes or oversight.

Check out the full list of hurdles in the infographic below:design-workflow-comp


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