5 Benefits of Buying Rap Beats

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Many artists or emcees do not like to buy Rap Beats, maybe because they know a beatmaker who gives them away or thinks that beats should always be free and free to use or maybe they just do not want to take money out of their pocket, (Except for the weekend party or good clothes hahaha never miss). Okay! Speaking seriously about this, I think you really should see your future musical career and invest in it, and as the saying goes, sometimes you need money to make money.

Beatmakers or more dedicated producers (like your server) pay a lot of money to have the necessary equipment to make these beats, so we have to find a way to make some money for common expenses, electricity, water and if you are a parent Like me, the expense is multiplied and the food should not be missing at the family table.

The Beats Rap are also not too expensive, I explained; I sell some licenses for US $14, plus the discount if you are a new client (40% discount), plus the offer that can be present (Between 20% and 50% discount), you have the opportunity to buy a beat for no more than US $5 which may be cheaper than what you are going to drink tonight.

Why buy Rap Beats?

5 good reasons, apart from the above mentioned.

1- You can sell your music

Most artists want to be able to live on their music, but this cannot be done if you do not invest in original beats. If you record on the rap instruments of (insert a popular song here) or YouTube beats and Soundcloud, you will not be able to sell your music or make money.

2- You can create your own sound

By making your own version of other people’s songs you are not really creating a new sound, just follow what is already done (good for practice, but not in the long run). Ideally you want to find a producer that has the sound you are looking for and do business with them regularly, so that your music has its own meaningful style.

3- Stop making free Mixtapes

When you use popular beats or illegally download some instrumentals, the only thing you can really do is create a free mixtape, the keyword here is “free” – which is not making any money from all that happened recording hours, all those nights without sleep, everything I work to then drop a free product! This is good for some promo and to grow your fan number but do not pay your bills.

4- Invest in yourself; make an EP or an album

A more productive way would have been to invest in some beats and put that same energy into making an EP or an album and then get a small budget to have your EP or album marketed through of the right channels – contact some blogs to appear or be interviewed – launch your EP or album via iTunes, Amazon etc.

5- Contacts = Trust

When buying an instrument, you want to know more about who you are sending your money to. You should always know that they will answer you if you send an email, (It is always better to contact before sending money, especially on the internet) usually, if your producer or beatmaker is active on social networks, he has nothing to hide and I can affirm a 99% that will be legit.

This would be a much more professional approach and the results will be much better than just uploading a free mixtape.

Ok, I wrote this because I’m passionate about good music and I think that if things are done correctly, the impact it will have on people is much greater. For more details visit: hifibeats.com