5 Tips For Marketing Photography

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Today we are going to talk about marketing photography. You will ask yourself: “what is it?” To answer this question we have to travel to its beginnings. The term photography is defined as the art and technique of obtaining lasting images due to the action of light. Has long been its route, from analogue photography have moved to digital and now we find the famous “Marketing photography or product”.

Do you know what it is?

This genre differs from the rest for several reasons. In the first place, its functionality requires it to adapt to commercial interests that aim to increase sales. Second, it is not always committed to reality, that is, what it represents through images are constructed realities where the scene is constructed.

Do you want to know how to get fantastic product photos? Take note!

5 essential tips for marketing photography:

The Bottom

Do not forget that the background is a fundamental element in product photography. Use a neutral background, white or black, that facilitates you to integrate the image.

The Lighting

Something very important is that the more natural lighting, better results. Along with light there are two fundamental aspects: composition and cleanliness. To be able to control the photo it is advisable to use a tripod and a quality lens, taking great care with the dirt that can alter the image.

Manual Mode

It is recommended that you control all parameters: aperture, exposure time and sensitivity.

The Product

You are looking to sell the product making it more attractive, so it is advisable that you vary the position. Try different perspectives and angles until you reach the picture you are looking for.


For a brilliant result a brief editing process is necessary to polish the perfect product photo. In this process you will have to adjust the white balance, define the level of whites and shadows … Everything that is necessary until you obtain the desired result.

These are just some steps to get quality product photographs. There are many more and more that will come out.