8 Traits More Important in Your Career Than Intelligence [Infographic]

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8-traits-more-important-in-your-career-than-intelligence-infographic.jpgIn families, they say that the first-born child tends to be the “most intelligent” and successful in life.

But as the second child, you can imagine how much this argument grinds my gears.

People can be intelligent in different ways and even more so, they can succeed at very different things. It’s all a bit subjective and as we all learn eventually, it goes far beyond the grades we got on a few college exams or who won the sixth grade spelling bee.

That’s the idea behind this infographic created and shared by Headway Capital.

According to recent studies, book smarts can only take you so far.

There are many more intangible and immeasurable qualities that weigh into career success than just academic intelligence and it’s those who possess a healthy balance of them that truly reach their highest potential.

The infographic summarizes them into the following 8 traits:

  1. Self-Regulation: Someone who can manage themselves in a rational and professional manner without supervision or guidance.
  2. A Growth Mindset: Determined to advance despite obstacles or setbacks.
  3. Resilience: They can face failure or defeat and bounce back quickly.
  4. Passion: They love what they’re doing and are driven to do it by things other than money.
  5. Empathy: They are understanding of others’ needs and emotions, whether they be a client or teammate.
  6. Conscientiousness: Disciplined, Compliant, and excellent at planning ahead. They are aware of their surroundings and make an active effort to improve.
  7. Openness to Experience: Excited to learn new things and explore new ideas and opportunities.
  8. Social Skills: Someone is warm, friendly, and cooperative when working with others. They are outgoing and energetic and enjoy interacting with other people.

It also notes that the Carnegie Institute of Technology found that:

  • 85% of financial success is generated from people skills
  • 15% of financial success is due to technical knowledge
  • People prefer to do business with someone they like and trust, rather than someone they don’t.

How do you stack up?

Check out the full infographic below! Out of the eight traits shared, how do you think you stack up? What are your strengths? What could you be better at? Let us know in the comments section below!

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