Some Advice to Increase Testosterone Levels

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Testosterone is a sex hormone often linked to masculinity. An increased level of testosterone during adolescence helps physical maturation and transformation into an adult male – it increases the muscle mass, creates a male form of the body, enlarges the shoulders, increases the size of the penis, starts the growth of facial and body hair and thickens the voice. The testosterone concentration in an adult male organ remains high and helps maintain these qualities but is also important for sexual and reproductive function and for general well being.

On the other hand, a low level of testosterone can cause many problems – irritability, depression, low self-confidence, permanent fatigue, low physical strength, fat accumulation in the body, and low libido. In short, if you are a man, you certainly do not want a low testosterone level. However, the testosterone level begins to decrease naturally as the man ages – this process begins at the age of 25-30 years and increases as he approaches the last half of the 4th decade of life. Although age has a significant impact on testosterone concentration, lifestyle is the most important factor. Below is a list of tips that will help you increase testosterone levels at dizzying heights:

  1. a) Limit your beer consumption. Although advertisements often present beer as a real man’s drink, it is actually very damaging to masculinity. The body recognizes certain substances in beer as estrogen (feminine hormones), and ultimately, men who consume beer can begin to “turn into a woman” – the hips expand, the chest develops and the sexual function decreases. It is important to realize that alcohol if consumed over longer period of time will bring a negative impact on the testosterone levels of the humen body.
  2. b) Get rid of excess weight. The more fat accumulates in the body, the more likely it is to have hormonal imbalance. Many studies indicate that excess weight is one of the main reasons for low testosterone levels, while weight loss can lead to increased testosterone levels.
  3. c) Rest good at night. During the day his production ceases, so his concentration begins to decrease and reaches a minimum point in the evening. However, at night, the body starts an intensive testosterone production, and its concentration rises sharply, reaching its peak around 8 o’clock in the morning. This process is dependent on sleep, and for this reason, lack of sleep at night can reduce testosterone levels.
  4. d) Do sport as a real man. Although running and other cardio exercises are effective in overweight loss, if done too often, they  can reduce the level of testosterone.
  5. e) Make more sex. Studies have shown that after a sexual intercourse, a man’s body produces more testosterone. This is one of the most enjoyable and simple ways to increase the amount of this hormone, so feel free to take advantage of it.
  6. f) Eat enough fat. Testosterone is produced from cholesterol, so if you do not include enough fat in the diet, the amount of this hormone will inevitably reduce. Recommended sources of healthy fats include fish, eggs, nuts, olive oil, avocados.
  7. g) Limit your sugar intake. Sugar will increase insulin levels, which temporarily decreases the amount of testosterone. Extremely high amounts of sugar are found in soft drinks, so it is recommended that you completely give up on them.
  8. h) Avoid stress. Stress releases cortisol (a stress hormone). Increased levels of cortisol stop testosterone production and lead to fat accumulation in the body. Although it is almost impossible to avoid stress in modern lifestyle, try not to turn it into a constant.
  9. i) Find Your own natural ingredients testosterone supplement and include it into your diet. There are new generations of supplements such as Nugenix which contains, as Nugenix review mentions, basic minerals and vitamins in a blend of natural concepted extarcts that keep your boby in shape and mentain you testosterone balanced. The producers offers Nugenix free trials on order, to give the possibility to try before buying.

So, take care of your testosterone !