Applications of Textile Printing in Advertising And Interior Decoration

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The trend of textile printing continues to extend within the advertising and interior design sector. Printing on fabric gives more game than you can think at first glance and opens a wide range of creative possibilities when it comes to personalizing spaces. Companies in the sector have already seen the potential of different textile printing solutions and are betting on it.

Compared to other supports, textile materials, which can be printed in large format, are characterized by their lightness, high quality, long durability, strong consistency and low cost, as well as their ease of transport and assembly.

The technique of printing on textile supports allows customization with the desired image. This process consists of direct printing using latex technology using water-based inks that chemically fuse with the textile fibers. The final result is high quality photographic images, with radiant colors and a spectacular contrast.

Textile printing allows applications for interior design and advertising, some of which we will mention in this article. In this way, it is possible to create personalized spaces and promote advertising campaigns with the reinforcement of textile printing supports. Advertising Feather Flag
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Interior Design Applications

Residential, commercial and consumer spaces can be customized thanks to the combination of different textile printing solutions in large format. It can be a very attractive option to take into account at corporate events and fair stands to surprise attendees with a display of creativity in a big way.

In interior decoration, textiles that can be printed as Cosmic and StarLight can be used to upholster furniture (chairs, armchairs, cushions, poufs …), getting a different air to the different types of rooms, for example, and the reception of an office.

Another application of digital textile printing is the wall covering. For example, the aforementioned printed fabrics can be tensioned to coat wall panels that can be found in restaurants, meeting rooms or in the reception of a hotel, as well as having the option of making wall murals. In addition, we must not forget that, when we talk about commercial decoration, the walls represent an ideal space to display the desired advertising message.

Even this type of printed fabrics with the desired graphics can be converted into decorative canvases framed in frames, as a picture frame, to get impregnate the style chosen in each room.

Applications in Advertising

In the field of visual communication, it has also become a trend to print advertising and corporate elements on textile supports.

A widely used resource is the backlit posters on the wall with LED light boxes, which are characterized by giving a high visual impact to the advertisements, which acquire their own light.

Textile printing, increasingly widespread in retail advertising, is also used in shop windows and structures for points of sale, for example, posters and signage hanging from supermarkets or stores, and also in displays on canvas or exhibitors designed for promotional and promotional activities.