Breaking The Stigma of Mental Illness in The Workplace (ft. Christina Bockisch) [MarketHer Ep. 19]

We’ve tackled a few personal and difficult topics here on MarketHer.

From when I lost my home during two hurricanes to Angela sharing lessons learned during difficult times in her life – we don’t shy away from the sensitive. 

This week’s episode is no exception. 

In this week’s episode, “Breaking the Stigma of Mental Illness in the Workplace,” we welcomed blogger and advocate Christina Bockisch to discuss her experience with balancing work and life with her recent diagnosis of bi-polar disorder. 

Before we get much further, Angela, Brie and I want to make really clear that are not mental health professionals.…

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"2018 Inbound Marketing Trends Ft. Eric Siu" (Inbound Success Ep. 20)

What are the top trends that will influence inbound marketers’ ability to be successful in 2018? 

That’s the question I set out to answer in this week’s interview with famed marketer and podcaster, Eric Siu. 

Eric is the CEO of Single Grain, a marketing agency focused on helping companies to grow their online revenue; the Founder of Growth Everywhere, a website and podcast that provide entrepreneurs with tools to grow both personally and professionally; as well as the co-host (with Neil Patel) of Marketing School, a daily podcast that provides marketers with actionable tips and insights.

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How Mike Volpe is Making Old School ABM New Again

We all know account-based marketing is nothing new. It’s been practiced for years.

At the early stages of inbound marketing, traditional marketing tactics including account-based marketing (ABM) were looked down upon, but, now that inbound marketing isn’t the shiny new object, many sophisticated marketers are talking about how old-ish school tactics are helping them get in front of prospects that inbound just can’t reach.

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