Benefits of Dental Fillings

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Due to certain reasons, a tooth or teeth starts decaying that leaves a cavity or sometimes teeth get broken or cracked. In order to treat such conditions, the Dentist removes the decayed portion and fills the empty area with a filling. There are a number of filling materials that are used for the purpose of Dental Fillings. Most common are: composite resin, tooth color plastic, porcelain, gold and amalgam – consisting of silver mixed with mercury, zinc, tin and copper -. Recommendation of Dentist and the cost determines the type of filling that is best suited.

If recommended by the Dentist and accepted by the patient, although ten times expensive, gold and silver Dental Fillings are the most durable that lasts more than fifteen years and are corrode-free. Also, the strength of gold and silver (amalgam) filling is chewing withstand-able. Composite tooth color plastic fillings are less expensive, are good for front teeth and repair works.

After the whole work is done and the Dentist has completed the process of filling, the most important process to follow is the maintenance of the Dental Fillings that is not a difficult job. What you have to do is to follow the regular practice of brushing teeth and flossing every day. For brushing purpose, Dentists recommend fluoride based tooth paste. Another action to be taken for the purpose of maintenance is to keep visiting Dentist as per his or her advice, as the tooth sensitivity may happen which is due to sweets or temperature changes. It is recommended by the Dentists to avoid things that cause sensitivity.