5 Instagram Tips For Photographers – Buy Instagram Comments

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Instagram is the fashion social network.

It is a social network easy to use, not saturated with advertising or “strange” and very fast content when consuming content. That is why it is so successful, especially among the female audience.

In Instagram we can do few things. Post, like, comment, search and follow people. That is why it is important to take into account every last detail when using this social network if we want to buy instagram comments.

Let’s see these details.

Have a single theme:

A frequent error when using instagram is uploading photos of all kinds. Photos of work, vacations, what we eat and street photos. If you do weddings, upload photos of couples, if it is fashionable then models. People are not going to stop to guess what you do.

That you upload photos of your work does not mean that it is always the final result. You can also upload making of or a retouching process.

Fill your bio and be creative:

Instagram does not allow links, except one in your biography. (Which has allowed him to be quite free of spam by the way?)

Instagram is not good to sell, but to make a brand and recommend.

The combination of bio + link is what is going to make people go to your website and that’s where you can turn them into customers, which are why it’s so important.

This description is an example of what can be done. In a few lines it tells you what it is, a differential value, a contact phone and how to book.

It also allows you to insert emoticons as you can see so be creative!

Participate in hashtags:

Growing your instagram account takes patience and dedication, since there are hardly any tools unlike other social networks.

One way to grow your account is to put different #hashtags to your photos or videos. The first thing is to search that hashtags use your target audience and put them in your image. Many people use these hashtags to see pictures while they are on this social network.

Of course you can use generic hashtags like #love #instagood or #photooftheday, but the ones that work best are the previous ones.

I leave you a tool so you can search the best instagram hashtags .

Remember that you can only put at most 30!

Interact with people:

As we already mentioned, in instagram you can do few things, but there are two very important ones, to comment and follow people.

The normal thing is to see in Instagram a photo with 1000 likes but only two comments. That is why it is an easy way to be relevant to the person who has made the image that you comment.

And of course, comment to the people who tell you. If they take the trouble to tell you, it is that they care!

The strategy of putting likes on the photos is less effective, and instagram limits the likes to 100 a day, but it’s so simple to make it worth trying.

Either invest time, or invest money:

Nobody likes to pay when you have something free, but many times it is more effective and it allows us to save money (Think about how much is worth an hour of your work and think if you want to spend that time putting comments on instagram).

There are two ways to advertise in instagram. The first is through the tools provided by the platform itself, as you can see here. It is not very expensive to advertise but requires some knowledge or control over advertising.

The second is to buy sponsored posts. It’s simple, you just have to find someone with enough followers within your target audience and ask them to put a post in your account mentioning you or your services. Normally this will be done in exchange for money if you do not know it.

It is a form that usually works very well to grow your account and your business on instagram, as long as you choose the right person.


Instagram is a network with a lot of growth and success nowadays. Unfortunately it is very limited from the point of view of tools, so to grow it must be done partly in the old way, this is spending time on the network interacting with people. That is why it is better to use time well than not to go blind

Do you use a different trick in Instagram?