The Right Fence For Every Dog ​​size

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All dog owners who allow their dog to move freely on the property must ensure that the dog can not escape or run away.

We therefore regularly receive the question of dog owners, how high the fence should be for a dog and which garden fences are best suited to prevent the dog from jumping over the fence and not digging underneath.

Dogs who want to leave the garden without permission, because next door are as tempting things as cats or other dogs, there are unfortunately many. Dogs see it as a challenge, others are bored and others walk on free feet. A dog jumping over the fence is also a danger to itself and others. But how can you protect your property as a dog owner?

The fact is, if a dog wants a fence, then it comes over it , a bigger dog in any case. The dog must learn from the beginning that the fence is not to skip and that the dog from the inside to take care of your property. Your goal should be that your dog feels comfortable in the home garden, it should make friends to be on the property. For an obedient, well retrievable dog, it does not have to be a 1.80 m higher double-rod fencing type 8/6/8.

Advantages of a dog fence

– Your dog can walk freely in the garden

– authoritative security for all

– Protection for passing people

– Clear territory demarcation

Our advantages:

– Free shipping on purchase of a fence set

– Manufacturer warranty  on all our branded goods

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