Dog Collar Unique Product Presentation

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Do you already know the dog collars of Unique?

A few days ago, a cute package arrived for Jersey. This was a beautiful martingale collar in world map look.

At Unique, you can put together your wish collar for free between different models, colors and fabrics.

We tried it out for you and decided on the combi world map fabric and mesh in turquoise.

The color combination is just super great, I love turquoise and jersey it is very good.

In addition to the dog collars, Julia and Dany also have dog harnesses, cup pads, dog scarves, excrement bag dispensers and the matching key ring for Frauli.

Everything is sewn on request individually in loving handwork for you.

The two young girls: Julia and Dany founded their small creative workshop in 2014. Both are dog-crazy and very creative. Due to the own dogs and the passion for individual dog collars the idea for own creative workshop was born.

If you are such dog collar junkies as we are then look at Unique .

Every dog ​​is unique and should wear a unique collar. I think such a great collar is the must-have for this summer.