How Expensive is an Invisible Dog Fence?

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The cost of an invisible dog fence depends on which one is offered. Basically, wired systems are cheaper than wireless. But also the range plays a big role. Systems that provide longer range are more expensive. The price is approximately between 100 and 400 euros. It should be noted here that as a rule only one receiver collar is included. If more than one dog is prevented from leaving the garden in this way, additional collars and, if necessary, more accessories must be purchased in addition.

Do such systems work in the house?

Whether an invisible dog fence is placed indoors or outdoors, is left to the dog owner. With the wired systems, it is possible to allow the dog an area in the house so that he can retire there. For wireless models, this depends on the location of the transmitter and the distance set for the dog. If the house is in this area, the dog can enter. However, the signal coming from the dog’s collar may be affected by walls and walls.

What should be considered when buying an electric dog fence?

First, of course, the range of the system should meet their own requirements. If you hold more than one dog, you may be able to select a set of several collars directly. Also, the minimum size of the dog should be strictly observed. Most systems are only suitable for dogs from 4 kg body weight and not all systems can be adjusted for very large dogs. While in the latter case, the fence may have no effect, in the former situation a too small dog can cause significant damage to health. Extensive research into the chosen system is therefore essential.

  • Range of the system
  • Size and weight of the dog
  • personal requirements

Are electric dog fences safe for dogs?

One of the most important questions when purchasing such a fence system is the question of safety. After all, no dog owner wants to unnecessarily harm his pet. As a general rule, a healthy dog ​​should not be harmed by properly dosing an electrical pulse and ensuring that the pulse generator is seated correctly. In order to actually ensure this, before using an invisible dog fence, first consult a veterinarian and examine the dog for possible physical complaints, especially those of the heart.

It may also be advisable, when introducing the system, to first expose the dog to smaller electrical impulses. Under certain circumstances, these are already sufficient, so that the dog no unnecessary pain must be inflicted. Depending on the dog, the learning effect can only be set after repeated power pulses, which can lead to superficial injuries to the dog’s neck. Although this problem can be alleviated by an additional cloth under the collar, this can lead to a worse result and possibly block the current pulse.

Of particular concern is the psychological effect on the dog, which, depending on the character of the dog and application of the system to undesirable behavior, possibly even lead to serious mental disorders of the dog. Therefore, you should always weigh whether there are other ways and possibilities. Talk to your veterinarian before buying.

You should note that

  • Only suitable for healthy dogs!
  • Veterinarian should be consulted before use
  • start with small impulses

What else needs to be considered?

Never should a dog be left without preparation in an invisible fenced area. Rather, he needs a preparatory training, which can be very time-consuming depending on the dog. The understanding of the new form of correction of misconduct must necessarily be achieved before the dog gets to know the boundaries in the garden. Otherwise, the dog may associate the electrical correction with the wrong things and, for example, recognize the garden as the cause of the painful impulse on his neck.

For the dog is missing due to the lack of visibility of the fence, a visual clue, so a clear mark the border should be set. With little flags, a ribbon or just a garden hose, both humans and animals can see how far the dog is allowed to go. Also, an electric fences for dogs means that he may not leave this area, but others may very well enter. In this way, it can be especially problematic when uninvited guests, like other dogs, cats or people enter the marked area or go past it. They also can not recognize that the dog is in a secure area and can not leave the garden, which can lead to dangerous situations due to wrong behavior.


An invisible dog fence offers some advantages, but should be well considered. Dogs can learn very well through targeted pain-free training not to leave a certain area. A system that gives off electrical impulses should therefore really be chosen only when all pain-free correction options have already yielded unsatisfactory results.