The Fence or Electric Fencing Device With Battery or Mains Operation

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From the height, the 108 cm high fence is enough to fence goats, lambs or chickens and other poultry. The electronic net has a mesh size of 17.5 cm and may thus prevent the bushes of one or the other big hare, but it is not suitable for smaller rabbits and guinea pigs.

For a higher security, it is recommended to buy a fence equipment, because this is not included in the fence presented above. I have found here the following device, which can be operated both with a socket outlet as well as with a 12-volt battery (for example, a car battery). It is weatherproof and needs no further protective cover to protect it from rain.

Electric fence device for 230 volts and 12 volts – The electric fence device can be operated with a mains adapter via a socket or use on a paddock with a car battery. The discharge energy is 1 Joule and also enough for fences up to 500 meters in length.

For the 12-volt operation, I would recommend a small lead-gel battery. For example, the Wentronic is very well tested and weighs only 2.4 kg. You can recharge the battery with a cheap automatic charger, such as the AL-300 pro .

If you want to rest a little longer, you can also buy a car battery, such as the Varta B18 Blue Dynamic . Thus, the electric fence runs through quite a long time. However, it reports in case of a voltage drop anyway with a small lamp, so that you know in time, if the battery has a charge again needed.

Well, now I hope that our acquaintance is also satisfied with my selection and that the sheep stay away from the fence and graze nicely where they are allowed.