Follow These Tips if You Are Going to Buy a Used Car in Nigeria

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Buying a used vehicle can generate doubts, especially when we do not know the use of its previous owner or its maintenance history.

The important renewal of fleets by companies in recent months is not only being noticed in the sales of new cars. Also the market of occasion has been favored with the arrival to the dealerships and sales of models of young age and very demanded by the buyers. Even so, many of the buying and selling of used cars for sale in Nigeria occurs between individuals.

A used vehicle is a second-hand car that has already been used by another driver. So, when you buy it, it has already been able to suffer some wear. It is for this reason that buying a second-hand vehicle can generate some doubt, especially when we do not know the use of its previous owner and its maintenance history.

First steps to buy a used car

Before starting the search for a second-hand car it is essential that you have clear models that, by type, state and price, fit your needs. Our advice is that you choose two or three models to search and compare offers on websites or specialized centers.

The call to the seller is key to ensure a good purchase, because it usually gives you many clues about the history and condition of the vehicle. Take advantage of the call to ask all the questions you may have. For example, the reason for the sale, if you have been the sole owner, if you live on the coast or inside, if the car sleeps or not in the garage, if you have documentation and maintenance book …

The next step is to verify that the information indicated by the seller of the vehicle is correct . For this, it is essential to ask for a copy of the documentation: circulation tax, maintenance book, last technical inspection of vehicles (if you are over 4 years old), technical sheet to detect possible modifications to the vehicle …

Another highly recommended option is to request from the DGT the report of the vehicle where all the owners appear, if the car has embargoes, fines, etc.

If, with all the information collected, the car fits your needs, it is time to go see it, check its live status and conduct a driving test.

10 tips to check the status of a used car in Nigeria

It is not always easy to detect possible breakdowns or symptoms of a bad state. If the seller does not deceive you, he will have no problem in allowing you to take the car to a workshop of your trust so that they can check its different elements. Even so, you can also detect that something is not working well. Follow these 10 recommendations:

Braking system

Take a dynamic test of the chosen car and pay special attention to possible noise generated when the brake pedal is pressed. If it occurs, it is more than likely that the pads and even the discs need replacing.


Check that each of the insertions of the gears occurs without problems, without pulls and without any anomalous noise.

Exhaust system

The color of the smoke will put you on the track of possible anomalies: grayish, bluish, black … may indicate more serious mechanical problems.


It is recommended the presence of a trusted mechanic who hears and identifies abnormal sounds, checks the levels, performs a visual inspection (oil leaks or oozes from the joints) and even a compression test to be sure of the state of the engine.


The mechanic can analyze the condition of the radiator and its sleeves (cracks or friction), and check the elements that make up the cooling system.

Air conditioning and air conditioning

Activate them in the driving test to check that they work correctly (they should not make noises or generate bad smells).

Instrumentation and luminous witnesses

When activating the contact and starting the car, make sure that no light signal or warning message or warning of possible breakdown remains on the instrument panel .


To test the lighting system it is advisable to go to a dark area such as a garage to check the correct operation and adjustment of all lights and headlights (short, long, fog, turn signals, brake lights, position, warning, reverse) , etc.).

Tires and suspensions

Check the pressure, the depth of the drawing, the regular wear of the tread and the absence of bumps or cuts. While the dynamic test is being carried out, we must be aware that there are no abnormal noises, vibrations or swings.


Check the absence of dents and corrosion, and the good condition of the paint. Also make sure you do not have old sheet metal repairs that indicate possible major blows in the past.

If you prefer that all these checks be done by an expert or want to make sure you are making a good purchase, you can always request the service ‘RACE Certified Vehicle’, a service that examines the car in a certified and guaranteed way after making a thorough diagnosis of all the mechanical, structural, body, interior and documentation aspects. This same service can also be hired by any particular seller who wants to guarantee the condition of the vehicle he wants to sell. Whether you are the seller or the buyer, what better guarantee than the seal of the RACE.