Food Supplements, Tips And Precautions

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However, it may be difficult for certain people to have a balanced diet, especially if they have problems with allergies or some limitation in the consumption of food that may come from medical indications, personal convictions such as religion, as happens with Jews with kosher food or Muslims with pork or philosophy of life, such as vegetarians and vegans.

In these situations, food supplements, also called food supplements can be useful to obtain the essential nutrients that are lacking because of the special diet and the limitations of it Athletic Greens.

However, it is noteworthy that these types of supplements have not been designed to replace meals, or to make “miracle diets”, so it is advisable to consult with the doctor or a nutritionist before starting to take food supplements.

Form and function

Food supplements are prescribed as co-adjuvant of a diet when certain nutrients are absent from it or there is a lack of medical origin. The supplements come in the form of tablets, capsules, gel capsules, syrups, as well as in powders that must be added to water, juice or yogurt.

Almost 40 percent of adults in developed countries usually take some type of multivitamin complex, which is the most common dietary supplement, according to studies conducted by the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine.

Doctors and nutritionists often advise that you lead a healthy life and that you consume the most complete and balanced diet possible (consisting of vegetables, legumes, fruits, meats, etc., as far as possible of ecological origin), since that is the Appropriate way to ensure that daily nutritional needs are met, although prescribing supplements if necessary, can reduce the risk of chronic diseases or specific deficiencies.

Multivitamins contain the most complete list of ingredients since they include vitamin A, those of complex B, C and E, as well as the most important minerals such as zinc, copper, magnesium and iron.

When there is a proven deficiency of certain nutrients, it is necessary to consume these supplements; Even at certain stages specialists can make special recommendations in this regard.

For example, a doctor may prescribe a folic acid supplement for pregnant women or a combination of calcium and vitamin D (which acts as a fixative of the former at the bone level) for the elderly.

It is also usually prescribed in the first days of life to newborns, a vitamin D complex to prevent poor calcification. People suffering from anemia of different classes are advised to take an iron supplement in order to strengthen the structure of red blood cells (red blood cells).