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Green Superfoods: The 5 Must-haves

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The green superfoods all have one component in common: chlorophyll. Thanks to the consumption of this green pigment, our hemoglobin levels increase, which translates into more oxygen in our blood and therefore, healthier cells in our body. So, what foods are essential in our diet from today?

Green leafy vegetables: Lettuce, Kale, Spinach and Endives are some of the green leafy vegetables with a higher concentration of nutrients green superfood reviews. They are easily digestible and have ideal compounds to burn fat faster, in addition to many vitamins and minerals. The amino acids, the practical phytochemicals and the healthy bacteria are perfect to regulate our intestinal flora and protect it from diseases and infections. Which vegetables are preferable to consume in summer? Lettuce, spinach, beet leaves, ruca and canons.

Sprouts and sprouts:  They are the essence of live food, since they are plants in their initial state. The process of germination converts the seed into a great carrier of nutrients. The digestion and absorption capacity is easier. The germinated seeds that can be found are pumpkin seeds, sprouts alfalfa, the radish and broccoli.   We can also germinate cereals and legumes such as lentils, quinoa or buckwheat.

Wheat grass:  This is probably one of the most potent superfoods on the planet, since its chlorophyll content is higher than 80%. It is one of the most alkalizing, depurative and antioxidant foods that exist. It contains large active enzymes and minerals, in addition to providing us with large doses of vitamins and amino acids. Another similar food is the kamut herb.  These superfoods can help reverse cancer and other diseases such as diabetes. The best? Take it in juice and very fresh. You can also find dehydrated, but it will not have the same nutrients.

Spirulina:  As some of you will already know by its great popularity, spirulina is a microalga with a high chlorophyll content and great properties to detoxify the blood. It contains better proteins and higher iron content than meat, which is why the United Nations considered it an effective remedy to combat anemia and malnutrition in emergency situations. It is rich in vitamin E, calcium, antioxidants, phosphorus and magnesium. We can find it in the form of capsules, pills or powder.

Chlorella:  It is another microcellular alga formed by nucleus and chlorophyll. It is formed more than 60% of easily absorbable amino acids. It helps us to regenerate and repair cellular tissues, purify the liver and strengthen the immune system. It protects us from radiation, besides being anti-inflammatory and preventive of cancer, diabetes, candidas, hepatitis, anemia and bacterial and viral infections. Another fascinating property is that it contains growth factor, which helps us regulate our intestinal flora. The recommended dose is 3 grams.