The Dog Lattice – The Practical Helper in Everyday Life With The Dog

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The everyday life with a dog is very diverse and depending on the daily routine and needs of the dog from time to time practical helpers must be used to make the daily dog ​​safe and comfortable for owner and dog – in a large family with children, everyday life looks different than at a single person with a dog.

One of these “practical helpers” is the dog lattice, which is mainly used in the car and in the apartment. Generally speaking, a dog lattice is a device that limits the space available to one or more dogs. This can be the case in the apartment or in the house, in the car (trunk) or in the garden.

Usually, however, the dog lattice is used in the car and in the apartment. However, these are built very differently and serve a different purpose.

From the construction, the dog lattices for the car differ greatly from the  dog lattices for the apartment . The car dog rails are usually used in the car trunk and needed. These are intended to prevent the dog from being thrown into the front room of the car, for example, in the event of heavy braking, and to injure itself and other passengers.

Even though many dog ​​owners buy the dog lattice for the car mainly because the dog does not enter the front room during the unattended time in the car and possibly contaminates the seats or plunders the purchases, the dog lattice for the car is above all a measure. to  reasonably meet Paragraphs 22 and 23 of the Road Traffic Act (StVO) .

These paragraphs regulate. how dogs must be transported in a car  – whether on short or long distances. The responsibility to comply with these regulations, lies solely with the driver. This is the person driving and driving the car at this time.

The law stipulates that the dog is considered a “cargo” / “cargo” and therefore is to be secured accordingly in a car. This means that in the case of emergency braking or even emergency braking and sudden evasive movements, it must not slip too much or even be thrown through the interior.

When buying such a dog car grille, however, you should take great care that the dog lattice well adapted to the interior of the car and the dog in the worst case can actually hold – poorly processed dog lattices that can not be properly attached, hold the power a dog usually does not stand.

The separation of trunk / load space and the remaining space in a car by a well-secured and stable safety grille  is a possibility, in addition to the options of use a transport box  for dogs or a seat belt for dogs.

The dog trellises for the apartment, however, it comes back to completely different aspects. Not every dog ​​owner wants the dog to be able to enter any room in the home or house. Often this is the case with the nursery, for example. Therefore, this room should now be demarcated with a dog lattice, without constantly the door must remain closed. A dog lattice clamped between the door frames is the ideal solution.

But even  stairs  can be dangerous for dogs or the dog should not possibly unattended change the floor, then dog lattices are not only suitable as Jitterbugging for the door, but also as a barrier for stairs. As already mentioned, dog lattices are used from time to time but also for the garden, the balcony or the terrace as a boundary – for example, for puppies, the first discover their environment and must be kept in check.

As with all products, the lattice for dogs sometimes has very large differences in quality and workmanship. Measuring the trunk or door width as accurately as possible is the first step in finding a suitable dog lattice. Many dog ​​lattices are variable in width, but have a minimum and a maximum width, which should not exceed the required width or below.