Online Schools That Offer Laptops or Tablets – 6 Prestigious American Universities

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There are 6 universities in USA which are highly interested to offer the best conditions for the students to study  by proving them with  free laptops or tablets (or on sales in discount conditions); Laptop programs for students are very  appreciated. Here is some short presentation of the universities offers (in the order mention in the site

“Long Island” University offers free of charge iPad to each new student and also to each new undergraduate students who are on a full-time program.

“Duke University” offers iPads to each of their students, including long-distance ones; their program is dedicated to improve access to all students and to include the young people from less developed country to become students.

“Full Sail” University – offers each student an Apple laptop at a discount fee and its online program is fully accredited; also, the laptop is fully equipped.

Stanford University – offers an iPad to each new student that enrols in the school of Medicine as this school is claimed to be one of the most digitized research school in the world.

Online Schools that Offer Laptops,  like University of Maryland offers an iPad for free to each of their students on their basis that modern technology is a must for their student an also, during the studies, students are higher encouraged to learn and develop computing applications.

Chatham University offers each student a Book Air and they offers too insurances for it for four years. The students must pay 375 $ for every semester and the laptop remains in their property after graduation.

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