PetSafe Invisible Dog Fence

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If you rely on branded products for your beloved pet, you can also be sure that you are buying high quality items. Such quality products comply with current safety standards and perform their services permanently and reliably. The purchase of branded goods is therefore not only safer for the four-legged darling, he also protects the product by the longevity of the purse of master and mistress. No doubt PetSafe can be counted among these top brands. In the international context, PetSafe has been convincing for over 20 years with product diversity, user friendliness, innovative technology and high standards.

The company has made a name for itself by collars for dog training, remote trainers and invisible fences. In our online store, the modern and varied PetSafe items are as obese as the Canicom merchandise. Dog and cat owners are well advised to rely on PetSafe’s proven quality products.

What belongs to the PetSafe range?

PetSafe’s large product range includes products for dogs and cats. The assortment can roughly be divided into two categories:

  • remote trainer
  • Pet Fences

Petsafe differentiates the following five categories in its product catalog:

  • Bark Control (Bark Control Measures)
  • Training Systems (products for education and training)
  • Containment Systems (dog fence and other security systems)
  • Pet Doors
  • Health & Wellness (Health & Wellbeing)

This specific manufacturer categorization illustrates very well that the animal is the focus, but combined with the needs of the animal owner. Both humans and animals benefit equally from the products and can completely rely on being cared for and supported. PetSafe’s business philosophy is to provide every pet with the necessary protection and freedom. With the electric pet fence, the training and quenching equipment as well as the important accessories, the company has succeeded in providing the loyal animal companions with the appropriate clearance and discharge. In this way, it is possible to specifically correct misconduct, while ensuring maximum comfort and safety both indoors and outdoors.

The corporate philosophy and trademarks of PetSafe

The company management of PetSafe prefers to speak the high-quality products for itself, instead of putting the own company in the foreground. True to the motto: “Protect. Teach. Love.” (Protect, teach, love). Here is the heart for animals, which is in the products. According to PetSafe, own experiences with pets as well as desired ideas as well as official test results are incorporated in the product concept. PetSafe combines quality and innovation with animal love in general. The Tennessee-based company is committed to providing a host of pet-friendly activities. Under the direction of CEO Randal Boyd, it was possible to create a worldwide network that supplies animal owners with branded products across borders, which are equally useful to animals and humans. With this sophisticated strategy, PetSafe stands out from the crowd. As a member of the Electronic Collar Manufacturers Association, PetSafe stands for the humane treatment of animals. For this reason, every product in the PetSafe online store is also marketed with detailed instructions.

The invisible PetSafe dog fence

As market leader for invisible dog fences, PetSafe has already made a name for itself. But what is behind these promising products? As the name already reveals, these are pet fences for garden and yard, which are not visible. Dogs, cats, small animals and poultry can be kept safe with these electric fences. The special feature: No components such as fence posts are required for the invisible fences. This saves the complex installation – often a fencing on land is even prohibited – and circumvents the ugly views of the usual fences. The PetSafe electronic dog fence simply lays cables over the floor, which are then connected to a transmitter – this is connected to the power outlet. The current, which flows through the wires and cables, is safe for humans and animals. Equipped with an electric collar from PetSafe, the dog romps on the property. As soon as he approaches the cables, he hears an unpleasant beep. Should the dog ignore the warning tone and continue to run, an electrical pulse will be sent to him. The electric shock is short and completely harmless to the animal, it serves only as a deterrent and prevents the pets to penetrate into a particular area or overcome the fence.

The invisible dog fence provides a learning effect over time. Another advantage of this electrical barrier is that it can neither be skipped nor undermined. This makes the PetSafe dog fence a more effective alternative to visible fences. If required, the invisible dog fence can also be used as a mobile solution. So it can be used while camping or training on the road. But not only for dogs, the PetSafe product is used. Thanks to the optionally available small animal net, it is just as suitable for cats or rabbits. The Radio Fence model, the invisible cat fence, also impresses with its advanced and safe use.

Remote trainers and collars from PetSafe for education

Anyone who wants to train and train a dog attaches particular importance to the positive and negative reinforcement. So it is important that wrongdoing can be corrected quickly and consistently. Ideal companions are the remote trainers and Teletac from PetSafe. One product stands out worldwide: The PetSafe Deluxe Trainer is one of the internationally best-selling Teletrainers with spray. This is especially due to its long range and the individually optimizable sprays. The spray trainer gives off a short spray on the sensitive dog’s nose in the case of unwanted behavior such as barking, growling, jumping or running away. This training method uses a special collar. Alternatively, there is a PetSafe remote trainer that relies on electrical impulses. With this Teletakt can correct the misbehavior of dogs just as quickly, easily and effectively. The dog owner can access the dog’s special collar with a remote control-type transmitter. This impulse method is successful even in hard-to-train dogs. The rechargeable battery comes with a comprehensive operating and training guide.

A separate category includes PetSafe’s barking products. The anti-bark collars prevent dogs from barking. Whether overnight, traveling or when the owner leaves the house – the beloved four-legged friend is kept from barking by the usually fully automatic collar. Again, the developers of PetSafe rely on a training collar. If the dog is in the garden, that is no problem. For this purpose, a barking station is alternatively available. Ultrasound emits a sound that is imperceptible to human hearing but the dog perceives it as unpleasant and effectively prevents it from barking in the open air. For the training collars, PetSafe uses ultrasound, spray or electrical impulse as well as the proven method of vibration and sound.