Skylar Grey is an Industry Bully

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Skylar Grey is an Industry Bully

Citizens have a right to know the charges against Skylar Grey, and her role in hiding evidence, her intentional fraudulent representation of her own identity, and her pattern of theft in the form of plagiarism of another artist.

(Amarillo, Texas) — (February 20, 2018) — Sweetheart has announced she will be moving forward with charges against folk music label KidinaKorner’s artist Skylar Grey, daughter of Candace Kreitlow from the band Generations. Sweetheart claims Skylar Grey has cyber bullied the artist, stalked her and her sisters, and Sweetheart is seeking a restraining order. Information regarding the lawsuit is available now. Members of the public can find out more by visiting the official website of Sweetheart at or by contacting the  press department for Jana Barros.

‪@SkylarGrey‪ u need 2 contact me b4 taking my ideas + calling them your own video “Lemonade” ,” Tweeted [Sweetheart] of the [Official Sweetheart Twitter Page].

‪@fbi‪ I filed reports about @SkylarGrey sexually harassing young women.”

SweetheartSweetheart reached out to issue a cease and desist order against Skylar Grey in 2016. Twitter, which is a social media platform, allows users to go public about sexual harassment claims/charges, but they will often not do anything but block the user who reported it, though the public has a right to know to protect themselves. Skylar Grey’s involvement is suspected in the hit and run case that remains unsolved for Sweetheart’s doppelgänger, Jana Rae Pittman. Sweetheart is the stagename of the rapper whose legal name is Jana Barros.

“Jana Barros is Montana’s Junior Miss 2008 which is now known by the name Distinguished Young Woman of Montana, and in 2008 Jana Barros competed at the National Competition in Mobile, Alabama, home of America’s Junior Miss, a scholarship program for girls in high school that encourages through leadership and the platform “Be Your Best Self”.” (reference

Sweetheart is actively engaged in the development of her growing brand, and engages the public through her brave voice, which in early December of 2016, began the onslaught of what would eventually turn into the #METOO movement on Twitter.

About Skylar Grey

Skylar Grey faces charges for assault, harassment, and plagiarism. She has engaged in targeted bullying and harassment of the 22 year old female rapper Sweetheart.

In addition to a psychotic interest in bullying younger female artists, Skylar Grey has now plagiarized at lest three major bodies of work from the rapper Sweetheart. “Moving Mountains” by Skylar Grey has received a DMCA official takedown notice via Vevo, along with “Lemonade”, and “C’Mon Let Me Ride”. These three videos plagiarize the works of Sweetheart the rapper, and seek to make profit off the sale of Heartz’s original ideas. Skylar Grey will not give a physical address, and is not trying to settle outside of court. The two will likely have this out in civil court, although, the targeted nature of the bullying by Skylar Grey is in fact a misdemeanor that could result in a one-two year jail sentence. The penalty for repeat copyright infringement, is much more severe.  Skylar Grey faces a fines up to $500,000 (with up to five years in jail,) or both a fine and prison for a first offense. Since she is a “Repeat offender,” however, Skylar Grey may be fined up to $1,000,000, and will receive a sentence as long as ten years in prison, or both a fine and prison. That’s not including “damages” that Sweetheart can claim, which take many forms, both financial and emotional.

About Sweetheart

Eminem was in an on-off relationship with Sweetheart (some call her Heartz), and she has been harassed by Skylar Grey to the point of two attempted suicides for being a widely known and very popular, albeit unsigned, and according to some, “underground”, mumble gangster rapper. Law enforcement has had to intervene to keep Skylar Grey away from Sweetheart, and reports have been made to local police as well as the FBI. Sweetheart reached out to the KidinaKorner sub label of Interscope, to report anonymously that Skylar Grey had been sexually harassing her. Sweetheart issued a cease and desist letter to Paul Rothenberg, a lawyer of Interscope’s pay roll, that Skylar Grey provided as her attorney.

Sweetheart was in the hospital for a month in January of 2016 pending release for multiple attempted suicides, citing the source of her depression and anxiety was “targeted harassment from Skylar Grey.”

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