The 10 Best Tips to Lose Weight Fast

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You are on a diet. We know that you put all your intention, that’s why we have prepared the best tips to lose weight of the latest scientific research: they are tricks and tips to help you lose weight quickly and healthy Performix SST.

When you start the diet you are motivated and you feel strongly, come on, it is normal when you propose a change in your life. However, this positive attitude is not always easy to maintain, either because the day to day makes it difficult for you to follow the guidelines or because you yourself “boycott”.

It is normal to find difficulties, there is the challenge of losing weight, so that you can overcome them we give you these tricks and tips to lose weight:

Tips to lose weight when your diet is in danger

You must take special care and stay strong when you are presented with the following situations. Identify the causes that produce an emotional imbalance to overcome them:

  • Feelings: anxiety, fatigue, tension, stress.
  • Social life: attending events, parties, meals outside the house, holidays
  • Little motivation or negative thoughts
  • Lack of social support (family, friends or colleagues)
  • Personal conflicts
  • Negative moods (depression, anxiety, frustration, anger, boredom, loneliness, sadness or worry)

How to solve it? Speak to yourself. Be aware that you really are not hungry; you are just getting carried away by the situation. Instead of attacking the fridge or buying something loaded with calories and fats, distract your mind, go for a walk, call a friend, play sports, brush your teeth or drink a glass of water that will give you satiety and calm your emotional hunger.

Having social life does not have to be an ordeal when you diet, choose light dishes and for dessert you can take a digestive infusion (chamomile, fennel, green anise …). Do the following meals normally, do not forget the snacks and with these tips to lose weight you can keep losing weight even if difficulties arise.

Tips to lose weight when you have skipped the diet

  • Guilt and remorse get fat when you generate stress, do not torture yourself with thoughts like “I should not have eaten”. Accept it, assume it and continue with the diet. Skipping the diet once a day does not mean skipping it all day.
  • If you have eaten some cookies or a piece of cake, do not keep eating with the thought that you have already ruined the diet (“the law of all or nothing” or “lost to the river”). Continue with the diet at the next meal, as your body does weekly balance not daily.
  • Negative thoughts or lack of confidence can get you off the diet or skip it often. You must strengthen your self-esteem, marking goals that you can fulfill. When you realize you have done a great job and will motivate you to continue. Little by little you will be including healthy habits for the rest of your life and you will gain loyalty to these tips to lose weight in your day to day life.

Follow these 10 tips to lose weight

So far we have told you how to treat your emotional hunger, but what to do with physical hunger ?, Follow our tips to lose weight:

Say no to simple carbohydrates

Simple carbohydrates (refined and usually sugars) increase blood glucose levels, which causes the pancreas to secrete more insulin to reduce that glucose concentration, but once the insulin performs its function it continues to maintain its concentration in blood . This promotes the accumulation of more fat in the adipocytes (fat cells), reduces the destruction of fat and causes hypoglycemia that increases the appetite again. So the first of our tips to lose weight is to reduce sugary foods in your diet that only give you empty calories.

Breakfast with protein

Include it in breakfast regulates and controls the absorption of blood sugar, which is beneficial for weight loss and body fat. It favors the reduction of cholesterol levels, triglycerides and regulates blood pressure. Therefore, the second of our slimming tips is to include some protein in your breakfasts and avoid refined products such as white bread or margarines.

Consumes unsaturated fats

They are essential for our body just like carbohydrates and proteins so you should not exclude them from the diet. You find them in olive oil, in avocado, in nuts or in blue fish. Our body consumes glucose for immediate energy, when it runs out of stored fat, but for this you must consume healthy fat if not your body will be in a state of emergency and store everything you eat in body fat. In this way, the third of our tips to lose weight is to consume unsaturated fat in each meal.

Follow the Coherent Diet

It is the best advice to lose weight that we can give you. A healthy and balanced diet and lifestyle, in which there are no prohibited foods, you do not go hungry and you lose weight without rebound effect.

Includes fiber in every day

Foods rich in fiber (fruit, vegetables and whole grains) are necessary to maintain optimal health and lose weight. Improve your intestinal transit and improve metabolic reactions. Therefore, the fifth of our tips to lose weight is that you take at least 25 g of fiber per day.

Includes Zinc-rich foods

Spinach, veal, lamb, seafood, cocoa, beans, beans, mushrooms and squash contain this mineral. Zinc is a great ally for weight loss because it decreases appetite by acting on the hormone ghrelin that interferes with the control of satiety.

Learn to relax

This is the seventh of our tips to lose weight. Stress activates cortisol , a hormone that promotes insulin resistance and therefore obesity.

Sleep at least 7-8 hours daily

Sleeping badly or staying up late can alter your metabolism and your eating habits. It produces an increase in appetite which will lead you to eat more, and will influence the conversion of calories into fat.

Do exercise

Practicing exercise will benefit your life, helps you lose weight, strengthen your heart, improve your breathing capacity, tones your muscles, strengthens your bones and puts you in a good mood. Always adapted to your needs and progressively. The ninth of our tips to lose weight is to leave the excuses and start some sport practice (walking, walking, running …), the movement is health!.

Drink 2 liters of fluids per day

Surely you know it but you do not always carry it out, that’s why we’re going to give you advice so you can drink more. Whenever possible, drink water, preferably outside meals to avoid the dissolution of gastric juices. After lunch and dinner you can take a digestive, soothing or relaxing infusion, in this way you will take almost half a liter of liquid per day. You can include another one in the snacks, remember to avoid sweetening them, you will get adapted to their natural flavor and before dinner take a cup of our depurative broth.