The Ideal Time to Take Your Protein Shakes

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All of us have ever asked when the best time to take our shakes is and which are the best at every moment of the day, well, today in Vitónica we are going to explain some simple guidelines to take your shake and why we should take it top 10 protein shakes.

Before starting with the right moment to take your smoothies we want to explain that protein shakes are not illegal and that they do not mean anything negative for the organism, and you have to take the same precautions that you take when you eat chicken breasts or some sliced ​​turkey.

With all this we are not recommending taking sports supplements but we are not saying that you should not take them because the supplements do not replace the food but what they do is help the athlete to take an extra macronutrient at a time and in a specific way It cannot be done in many cases with normal food.

Many of you are reluctant to take supplements and there has been a lot of talk that they can be harmful to your health, but that is if you drink too much, as if you eat a lot of chicken or lots of milk. Remember that they do not perform miracles, that is, no matter how much you drink them, you will not grow more, everything depends on you training to the maximum and following an adequate diet.

Why take protein shakes

In the world of fitness and bodybuilding everyone knows that you must take 2g of protein for each kilogram of muscle your body possesses, although generically it is said to be a total weight since you do not assimilate everything that you eat and normally you do not know it to science Certain how much muscle we have. The problem is that removing all the protein from natural sources such as chicken or turkey is not the best way to do it.

For example, although one hour before training you had time to eat a good hake grilled is not optimal because the body is slow to extract and assimilate that protein and was not going to be available at the exact time you start your training, so this is where the solution to this problem comes in: protein shakes .

The amount of carbohydrates

Athletes who want to lose fat have to take protein shakes with the minimum amount of carbohydrates possible, for that there is a lot of products in the market with a relatively small amount, about 5 grams (we will not enter this entry in the amount of protein, the types, the macronutrients that they must carry or anything, this is something that we will deal with in other posts). These grams of hydrates are used to flavor the product and for the protein to be assimilated much faster.

Also say that there are a series of carbohydrate shakes in the market that its main function is to give the body an extra amount of hydrates for the volume stages in which it is important not to lose even a single gram of muscle and therefore not lacking to the glycogen organism in any time.

Morning person

When we wake up in the morning the body has been without food all night, and therefore the muscle has been able to start catabolizing since this happens when the level of glycogen in the liver drops considerably. In this way if nothing else get out of bed we take a protein shake that contains fructose ends with catabolism since fructose recovers the level of glycogen in the liver and assimilated proteins (in 30 ‘are assimilated so do not take anything followed) go directly to the muscle.

And how about one before training?

It is a good time to take a shake that contains twice as many hydrates (slow digestion) as protein. One way to do it is to take fruit (for example an apple) along with half a protein shake. The fructose does not trigger insulin release would hamper use fat as fuel.

This shake is not essential, it is recommended for people who are going to perform strength or power training, in volume phase, or who put a lot of cardio into their daily routine, but in definition or maintenance you can do without it and only eat the fruit to recharge glycogen without the stomach going too heavy to training.

The perfect moment

After finishing training we have exhausted the muscle and what we have to do is nourish it with protein as quickly as possible and the best way is with a protein shake as it is assimilated in 30 minutes. We also have to recover the glycogen deposits since we will have lowered them a lot so the ideal is to combine both in the following way: just after the training we take an energy drink because now we need a quick hydrate to recharge or a banana and we often take the protein shake

The protein shakes of which we have spoken so far should be whey (protein is isolated) as they are very fast absorption and assimilated at just the right time. Although there are studies that say there are better muscle gains when, after training, you take a shake half of serum and half of casein (slow assimilation) than when you take only serum (rapid assimilation).

The casein shake

At bedtime we know that we are going to go to a period of time when the body will not have nutrients and that it will pull fat and muscle to look for nutrients, although the loss of muscle for people is not very high competing and having a clear goal is a good time to take a protein shake slow assimilation (casein) with few carbohydrates.