Tips to Increase Testosterone

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Factors that Influence the Gain of Muscle Mass

There are many factors when determining how much muscle your body will make, such as:

  • Training
  • Nutrition
  • Break

These variables are mostly those that every self-respecting bodybuilder should respect if his goal is to gain muscle Extenze Reviews, they will be the pillar on which to sustain his sports planing. However, also other points that deal with this issue, and are none other than the hormones involved, and in particular one very important: testosterone.



Benefits of Testosterone

  • Increase muscle size and strength
  • Lowers fat levels
  • Increases sexual stamina and associated resistance
  • Improves mood
  • Allows decreasing LDL cholesterol (commonly called “bad cholesterol”)


Tips to Increase Testosterone Levels

We will know the most relevant points in terms of what is referred to enhance the release of testosterone. To do this we will emphasize the above mentioned points, giving the corresponding guidelines on which are the most relevant aspects for this improvement. Despite being a genetically marked factor, it is true that through the following points we can make our endogenous levels altered, increasing the amount of testosterone we generate.



Basic Exercises                     

Prioritizes the basic or multiarticular exercises, these being the squats, deadlifts, bench presses and military. Also add exercises with your own body weight and to which you can even add ballast to increase intensity, such as pull-ups, push-ups or bottoms. Each exercise with its corresponding variables of angles and if it can be added, use ballast to increase the load and generate greater intensity. All these exercises will cause great stress to the body, it is necessary that it releases a large amount of testosterone to “repair” the damage caused.

Optimize your Effort

That is, it seeks the balance between Intensity and Frequency. It is true that not every day you will be able to train respecting this point, but it is also true that you do not have to go to train properly musculation every day. You can propose a routine strategy of full-body training, dividing the week into 3 days of training, and where each of these days you “touch” a basic exercise, training it hard! The rest of the exercises will go hand in hand.

Train Legs

It is one of the greatest stimuli that you can cause to your body. The squats are the best choice “when you do not know what train”, try a 10 × 10 … If you prefer daily or better muscle, and add an extra day of legs to your calendar, huge really results in a short space of time, insured! Just incorporate a small muscle group with your leg training, and these “little ones” will grow up alone!


Although it may seem the opposite, this type of training generates much higher post-training levels of testosterone than conventional cardio. Performing “sprints” is the number option to perform “cardio anabolic” and if you are looking to increase muscle size and reduce your fat percentage. When we talk about sprinting it is about giving the maximum in each series, with it the time is reduced considerably but taking advantage of the great work done.


The feeding has a lot of relevance for the correct hormonal deployment. There are certain foods that due to their nature promote a greater endogenous production of testosterone, as is the case of the essential fatty acid Omega-3 and its anabolic potential. Within the types of fats, despite their “bad reputation”, saturated fats are related to the hormonal production between cholesterol and testosterone.


We can include within this section the supplementation with sports nutrition products aimed at improving and optimizing hormone levels and even raise them naturally, known as Natural Pro-Testosterone Anabolics . These supplements help to solve any nutritional deficiency and stimulate natural production. In this way we can find supplements such as Zinc, Magnesium, Aspartic Acid, Testofen, Ginger, Tongkat Ali, or the Ashwagandha.