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Here you have everything you need to know! 15 tips to lose fat once and for all!

The first thing you have to do is a list; write down the changes that you think you could do now, what you think you could do next week. Little by little. Sync with yourself. Understand that the important thing is to make this a lifestyle that little by little change your habits, check my publications this month where I explain everything about habits, I have already given eight habits, four per week, to change little too little bit Best Fat burners for women.

  1. Watch what you eat. The diet is 70% of everything. To lose fat you must control calories, quantity and quality. I told you to count calories and if you are a woman you try to consume between 1500 and 1600 if you are male between 2000 and 2500, but you have to be realistic, since it is very difficult to count and score, it is best to take care of the portions, schedules and choose food quality. Do not chop between meals, it is one of the main saboteurs, EVERYTHING adds up! Do 5-6 small meals a day every 2 or 3 hours, so we control glucose, blood and appetite.
  2. Check the carbons! They are gasoline; imagine that your body is a car, and carbos gasoline. If you are parked, you do not need it. That is, carbohydrates are necessary but you must burn them! Spend them! Consume them in the morning, so you have all day to use them and just after training HEAVY and intense to replenish muscle reserves (glycogen) of rest consumes VEGETALS, that these are your main source of “carbohydrate”, yes, they are a type of carbohydrate because fiber is considered a complex carbohydrate that does not assimilate or elevate insulin, the amount you want at whatever time. Consume fruits in the morning, whole, they are a simple carbo, not in juice, many calories / fructose and little fiber … Remember that not all carbohydrates are created equal, not all generate the same hormonal response, It is not the same to eat bread, sugar, and cookies to eat oatmeal, brown rice or baked sweet potato. The more complete and lower glycemic load they are, the less insulin you secrete = you burn more fat.
  3. Eat real food! 90% natural Avoid processed foods supposedly diet, bars high in sugar and cereals, the best foods are the natural ones, which have not been processed by man, prepared by you: vegetables, lean animal proteins, natural whole grains such as oats, brown rice, medium glycemic load tubers such as sweet potato, fruits, good natural fats: walnuts, avocado, olive / coconut oil, drink water. The less processed, the better your body recognizes and responds, each cell in your body is formed and regenerated based on what you eat, and you lose billions of cells a day. Not only does “the facade” of the house matter, the inside part and how it works and is defended is equally important. Imagine that your body is a building; you cannot expect it to last 100 years if you built it with second-rate raw material,
  4. The great protagonist in your diet should be the protein. Every time you consume you accelerate the metabolism because the body has a hard time digesting it, it also helps to increase muscle mass which also has a positive effect on the metabolism, you control insulin and that allows you to burn more fat, as it takes time to digest it controls appetite. Fish, chicken breast, beef or pork loin, seafood, eggs, whey protein. If you exercise you can consume 2 gr. of protein per Kg. That you distribute in 5-6 meals. The idea is to consume 20-40 gr. for food (men eat double). So you have an idea, 100 gr. of chicken breast have 30 gr. of protein, 4 egg whites 15 gr., 120 gr. of fish 28 gr., 1 measure of whey protein 25 gr … So on. The idea is not to go crazy and eat a whole chicken for food just because it is protein; any excess calories are converted into fat. If you do not have a food weight (you only use it for a couple of days and then learn to visualize your portion), use the palm of your closed hand.
  5. Eat fat! Nuts, avocado, olive oil / coconut … Do not fear them, yes, they are high in calories and densely caloric, but in their rightful measure they are allies to improve body composition. It helps improve the functioning of your hormones, control insulin levels, take time to digest, that’s why it controls your appetite, they can be eaten at night because they do not stimulate insulin. When you are looking to lose fat the ideal, especially if you are a woman, is to choose a source of energy for food, both carbohydrates and fat are sources of energy, so when you eat protein with starchy carbohydrates such as sweet potatoes, grains or rice, do not consume grease. And when you make your meals of protein, vegetables and fat, do not include foods high in carbohydrates, as I told you, eat high-carb meals in the day-after training-and fats you can eat them in the evening / evening meals. It is not an unbreakable general rule, they are recommendations for the common denominator that wants to lose fat, there are always exceptions. At the day you can eat 40 to 60 gr. of fat. 24 almonds provide 14 gr. of fat, 1 tablespoon of peanut butter or natural almonds provide 8 gr. of fat, 1 tablespoon of oil 14 gr., 100 gr. of avocado 13 gr., 120 gr. of salmon 16 gr.
  6. Minimize the consumption of salt, try not to add it to food and choose to use natural spices, stay away from cold meats and cold meats, even turkey ham, it contains a lot of sodium, each gram of sodium retains five times its weight in water, almost all processed foods, cubes, marinade, canned, all this retains fluid and makes you more bloated and accentuate cellulite. There are natural foods that provide the necessary sodium, two weeks ago I made a super complete publication about it, egg whites, spinach, seafood, among others, are good sources of sodium.
  7. Try to reduce alcoholic beverages until you reach your goal, the loss of fat and alcoholic beverages are not allies, when you drink alcohol you do not burn fat, it’s that simple, and your metabolism gets depressed, you burn fewer calories. Remember and repeat this: the loss of fat, its temporary process, commit to your goals and be disciplined without excuses.
  8. Make weights, especially exercise compounds, which work several muscles at once, dead weight, press, squats, push-ups, pull-ups, work with your own weight doing push-ups, lunges / lunges, pull ups, irons. Train legs twice a week you will burn more calories because they are large muscles and at the same time stimulate the rectus abdominis. Do abdominal exercises three times a week, always remembering that the abdomen is made with a good diet and cardiovascular, the exercises only strengthen the muscle that will be visible when you lose fat. If you are overweight and you wonder if you should wait to do weights, the answer is no! Strength training REPAIRS AND IMPROVES your metabolism, fights flaccidity, sculpts your body. The cardiovascular will help burn calories and fat, but the weights will make your results come faster and more permanent and impressive. Both complement and empower each other. In addition, abusing the cardiovascular without doing weights prevents you from strengthening muscles, increases flabbiness and negatively affects the metabolism. Do weights reaching muscle failure, when you are looking to lose fat you must lift a weight that allows you to complete 15 to 20 repetitions with a lot of effort, for example, you can reach 20 but it is impossible to reach 22 repetitions, always taking care of the posture. The weights literally turn your body into a fat burning machine, when you constantly train intense you have a super accelerated metabolism and you burn fat more efficiently during the day, it is a proven fact! Leave fear because the dumbbells do not make big, they make you strong, what is great is the excess of calories and absence of exercise, what makes fat big. Those who are super muscular have a very high calorie diet, train very heavy that they can only do 10 repetitions, do not do cardiovascular, and some use steroids. When you see a very large and muscular woman it is usually because she has been helped with this type of anabolic. We do not have enough testosterone to make us exaggeratedly big. When you see a very large and muscular woman it is usually because she has been helped with this type of anabolic. We do not have enough testosterone to make us exaggeratedly big. When you see a very large and muscular woman it is usually because she has been helped with this type of anabolic. We do not have enough testosterone to make us exaggeratedly big.
  9. Varies the cardiovascularThe constant cardiovascular can be in an elliptical, climber or treadmill with 12-15 inclination, at the same pace for 45 minutes, at 70-75% of your cardiovascular capacity. Make these cards after the weights; protect the muscle mass and burn more fat as fuel doing it this way.
  10. Drink water, 2 to 4 L. per day, this way you keep the body hydrated, you accelerate metabolism, eliminate toxins, retain less fluid and control appetite. Adequate water intake is essential to be fit and healthy. A dehydrated body does NOT burn fat efficiently, it does not perform the same in physical activity and you feel more appetite.