Is The Electric Dog Fence Prohibited in Germany?

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Especially on the Internet, you often meet so-called “wireless dog collar“, which are simply to help that the dog does not enter certain areas. This type of dog fence works via an electroreizie or a telepulse. The use of such Telereizgeräte for the education of dogs is forbidden in Germany however. For good reason. 

Short and concise: According to the German Animal Welfare Act §3 No. 11 states: ”  It is forbidden to […] use a device that the artful behavior of an animal, in particular its movement, significantly limits or compels it to move by direct current action as a result does not cause significant pain, suffering or damage to the animal, unless this is permitted under federal or provincial regulations. “

In this context , the use of so-called electric or invisible dog fences is prohibited in Germany . Anyone who gets caught does not only have to reckon with a possibly disturbed – or in the worst case injured – dog, but also with a penalty by the legislature.

Apart from the fact that such electric dog fences or invisible dog fences can give any “guarantee” so that your dog does not enter a certain area, it is much healthier and more useful:

    1. Educate your dog about which areas are inaccessible to him
    2. a “real” fence as dog fence for the garden to use