How to Prevent Your Dog From Leaving Your Garden or Crossing Certain Limits That You Want to Impose

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An invisible dog fence can safely contain your pet inside your garden. Restricting your dog in the confines of your house or in the backyard is very challenging. Curious dogs often cross the perimeter of your house and walk around on your own.

This can be a great threat to your life. Thus, building a fence or installing a mechanism to limit your dog becomes an obligation.

A dog electric fence is a three component system intended for the safe containment of your dog inside your garden. The system consists of three components: a transmitter, a receiver and an invisible fence wire of the dog.

The transmitter that is fixed to a socket in any dry area transmits a radio signal in the form of a sine wave.

This signal is transported through an isolated wire that crosses the perimeter of the shipyard.

The receiver connects to the dog collar . When the pet is about to cross the electric fence, a sound signal prevents it from doing so.

A correction mechanism in the form of a slight shock is also provided which limits a dog from crossing the boundary of your house.

However, you can consider the help of a professional in case you have a very large space to protect.

Remember, training your dog is as important as installing a dog fence. Some companies can offer you a training guide along with their systems.

You can wait for this system to work only so your dog understands the importance of staying within the perimeter when necessary.

Our product today is the invisible fence, or anti-leak fence is a training tool to keep a dog in an enclosure , such as a garden, or outside it, such as the garden or the pool.

The installation of the dog wireless invisible fence is a very easy process, which you can do alone.

It works with as many collars as you want, and therefore can control an unlimited number of dogs, provided additional collars are added to the system.

A unipolar copper cable is placed on the ground (slightly buried, deposited or hung) so as to form a closed circle whose entrance and exit are a control base plugged into the network, sheltered from the weather.

When the dog approaches the cable, the collar emits a warning beep. In case of getting closer or staying in the warning zone, the collar emits a punishment of intensity adapted to the small dogs to deter the dog.

You can adjust the distance from the cable from where you start to warn the collar to the dog with the audible beep from 0 to 4 meters .

The maximum perimeter of the circuit is 1500 meters . To extend the circuit, just connect one cable to another using classic electrical connections.

The controller base has to be plugged into the network, protected from the weather. The collars work with Petsafe type 1 batteries, which have a range of about 6 months.

The collar is watertight, and therefore your dog can walk in the rain or swim with it.

The invisible fence Radio-Fence Ultralight is designed to be suitable for small dogs, weighing 2 to 8 kg .

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