Wireless Pet Containment

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A dog fence separates your own property from the rest of the world. The dog fence covers the territory of the dog in which he can move freely. The advantages are obvious.

  • The own dog can move freely on the property
  • Dogs that are outside the fence can not access the property
  • A fence may also protect against unpleasant glances
  • Depending on the state and dog breed is a dog fence rule

Below I introduce you to the different types of fence. So you can check for yourself if and which fence fits best to you and your dog.

The various dog fences / garden fence types

Since I can seldom be brief, I would like to introduce you to all wireless pet containment in the best possible way. Not every fence is suitable for your own garden, not every fence is the first choice for camping holidays or use in the home. But let’s get started right away.

Our opinion: Probably the most solid form , be to fence land and secure is the classic garden fence made of wood or metal. While metal fences represent the safest variant and are often poured into foundations, wooden fences are warmer or optically more beautiful to look at. The latter is undoubtedly in the eye of the beholder. Another possibility of the property enclosure is certainly the chain link fence, which has become world famous since Stefan Raab.

Garden fence made of metal