10 Tips and Tricks of WhatsApp that you should know

WhatsApp as you know is the most used instant messaging platform in the world. We are more than accustomed to using WhatsApp, but do not trust yourself, I assure you that there are certain aspects of the application that you do not know yet. In this article we show you 10 WhatsApp tips and tricks that you should know.

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WhatsApp tips and tricks

Below we show you 10 WhatsApp tips and tricks that you probably do not know:

  1. Format your messages

WhatsApp allows you to format your messages in the same way as any word processor, such as Microsoft Word and Google Docs. For this, you will have to prefix and postpone some special characters, before and after the message.

If you want to use italics, you will have to type the low bar character (_) before and after the text you want to format as italic. For example: _This is a test text_

If you want to use the bold type, you will have to write the character arterisco (*) before and after the text you want to format as bold. For example: * this is a test text *

If you want to cross out the text, you will have to write the character accent (~) before and after the text you want to format as crossed out. For example: ~ this is a test text ~

  1. Use WhatsApp in the browser

WhatsApp has a version for web browsers that can be connected to your mobile device. That is, you can write and read all your messages on your PC or your laptop.

To use WhatsApp Web on your computer, go to web.whatsapp.com from any browser. On your mobile device, open WhatsApp and click on the Options button at the top right of the screen (three-point icon). Then, press the WhatsApp Web option. Once you are inside, scan the QR code that appears on your computer to connect them.

  1. Transfer files from / to PC

The good thing about using WhatsApp Web is that you can receive anything on your PC that you receive on your mobile device via WhatsApp. This is a great method to transfer images or screenshots of your mobile to your computer without the need of any cable.

Just send an image to any of your contacts through WhatsApp and then, on your PC, open WhatsApp Web to download the image file.

  1. Send a backup of your messages by email

You can save a backup of a conversation in your email. To do this, open the chat you want to save and then click Options> More> Send chat by mail.

This option is to perform backups of individual conversations and has two options, one to perform the backup with attachments and another without attachments. Note that you can only send up to 40,000 messages at most.

  1. Backup to local or cloud storage

Apart from email, backups can also be saved on a local hard drive, or on a cloud platform, such as Google Drive or iCloud. To do this open the app and go to Settings> Chats> Backup and click on SAVE.

  1. Know when a message has been read

We know that the gray ticks mean that the message has been sent, and that the blue ticks indicate that the message has been read. But if you want more information about when a message has been delivered and read, WhatsApp has an option for it.

To see the information screen of a message and check everything related to it, open a chat and keep the message on which you want to get more info. After a while you will see several options at the top of the screen. You must click on the Info button (the icon for the letter i) .

  1. Mark messages as highlights

WhatsApp has a search function to find messages easily, but if you want to find important messages, it is best to mark them as highlighted to access them quickly when necessary.

To mark a message as highlighted, open a chat and press and hold the message you want to save. Several options will appear at the top of the screen after a while. You must click on the star to mark a message as highlighted.

To see all your featured messages, click on Options and select the Featured messages option.

  1. Set privacy options

As you know, in WhatsApp we can check when the last time a contact was Online was. For those who do not want to show that information, they can change it in Options> Settings> Account> Privacy. In this screen you can decide if others can see your last connection time, your avatar, your status and other particulars, such as the double blue tick of the messages when they have been read.

  1. Quote users

WhatsApp tricks that we indicate in this article, one of the most curious is the ability to mention users in a group conversation using the @, followed by the name of the user (the name will always be the one you have saved in your contacts of the telephone). The person mentioned will receive a notification, even if they have silenced notifications for that group.

Apart from mentioning people, we can also quote chat messages in which we are talking. To do this, open a chat and press and hold the message you want to quote. Several options will appear at the top of the screen after a while. You must click on the answer icon and forward it to the conversation.

  1. Decrease data usage

The voice and video WhatsApp are a great feature of instant messaging platform, but consumes Mogollon wide sides so that the call quality is. If you do not want to waste all your data, you can decrease the consumption in WhatsApp. To do this, go to Settings > Use of data and check the box for Decrease data usage.

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