5 tips to improve male sexuality

Specialists say that 90% of the source of excitement of males is the stimulation of the genitals; however, this may change when improving male sexuality.

According to information published by abcsexología com , male sexuality may be more sensitive to their own needs and those of the couple, so both experience more pleasure Extenze review.

For you to achieve a satisfying and enjoyable intimate life here are five tips:

  1. Explore your body: By self-stimulating you will know your erogenous zones . You can also ask your partner for help, so that both discover other areas that will make you feel pleasure.
  2. Respect your wishes and needs: Think about what kind of fantasies you would like to experience and which ones you would reject. If your partner agrees, experiment and turn your sex life around.
  3. Know the erotic perspective of women: Remember that the excitement in women is very different from men, because she needs intimacy, affection, eroticism, approach, and not just penetration.
  4. Do not stay with doubts: Ask everything that generates you intrigue, fear or insecurity or uncertainty. So you can add new things to your privacy and improve your orgasms.
  5. Express your feelings clearly: This action is not a sign of weakness; on the contrary, you will have a greater connection with your partner.

Remember that the body is not a perfect machine, so it responds to external and internal factors, whether pleasant or just the opposite. So encourage yourself to live a masculine sexuality without haste or anxiety; includes caresses and affection to achieve a full and happy relationship.

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