5 tips to meditate on the beach

During the summer there are many people who spend their vacations to coastal places to relax and enjoy their leisure time. One of the most pleasant and relaxing activities that can be done on the beach is meditation, an activity that helps reduce stress or blood pressure wofs.

“It is necessary to specify that meditation is an instrument of self-knowledge “, says Emilio Gómez, yoga teacher and coordinator of the Circle of Yoga Silencio Interior and regular collaborator of the Yogaenred portal. “Meditation allows us to know first-hand and thanks to experience, what is the true nature of the human being,” he adds.

How to perform a good meditation

“For those who have a Sadhana or spiritual practice, their mentor must have already explained what to do, how and when,” says Gómez. For those who are thinking of starting in this practice, suggests that first of all inquire with sincerity in the reasons why they think they need to sit and meditate to avoid doing so for mere novelty or to do something different to stand out from the rest. He also recommends reading a good book on the subject and initiation with someone specialized.

When is the best time?

“The dawn and the dusk are suitable moments, although the hour of the exercise is something to discover by the own practitioner “, aims the coordinator of the Circle of Yoga Silencio Interior. It encourages you to try different hours until you know which is the most appropriate, always in an individual way, because each person is different.

How long

With respect to the duration, Gómez explains it by means of a metaphor: ” It is not possible to give a precise indication . We usually use the example of the walker who hike the mountain and is thirsty, how many glasses of water do you need? One two Three? It also happens with the practice of meditation: how thirsty are you with yourself? “

The best positions to meditate

As for the postures, this expert proposes four: Sukhasana , the easy posture; Padmasana , the lotus position; Ardha Padmasasna , the half lotus, and Siddhasana , the perfect posture. All of them are learned in Hatha Yoga classes, the yoga of balance, so called to balance the vital and mental energies that facilitate the state of meditation, according to the teacher.

The importance of silence

To meditate, one of the most important elements is silence, both inside and outside, the latter is as easy as finding a quiet place. However, “interior silence arises as a result of the will, knowledge and practice, the main tools of the Yoga practitioner”, Gómez points out.

The goal of meditation

“Peace and liberation, the true purpose of meditation, are achieved once you have managed to dominate the ego, which is the main obstacle when meditating,” he stresses. He also adds that the advanced meditator has been able to eliminate the goals, objectives and expectations of meditation, while the beginner still hopes to find something in exchange for his effort. With proper practice and properly addressed it is a matter of time and understanding to reach such a level.

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