We know that selling a house is not easy. We know what we are talking about, we do it daily … That is why from our experience we have learned a lot about what helps and what hurts when it comes to wanting to sell a property sell my house fast houston.

Beware of agencies

In Spain there are tens of thousands of real estate agencies. You can find everything, from some who try to buy your house for less than it is worth, to others who ask for very high fees. Both cases would mean losing part of the income generated by the sale.

Therefore, we want to warn you! Not all real estate is worth. Get informed and know the consequences of working with depend on what real estate.

Do not fantasize about the sale price

A classic, and more in times of growth, is to prime prices. You have to know something: the price is not fixed by you; it is fixed by the market.

Use all means and resources that are within your reach to know the value of your home, comparing with the competition and analyzing the current market trend. Unless your apartment has a special and highly demanded factor, it will only be sold if it is sold at market value.

The value Price – Speed ​​of sale

These two values ​​go hand in hand, you better understand it now and do not do it after checking that after 6 months, your floor has only received 4 visits and that it is not sold or shot. If you want to sell fast, be aware that you will have to make some concession with the price.

If you want to sell above the market price, you have to know that it will probably take longer to sell it. That easy. If you try to sell a floor quickly, do not set a price higher than the value of this one.

Appearance of the floor

Important and basic! The first step to sell a floor is the image. We must erase from any photo any personalization of our life in it, so that more people can be liked. Neutrality is the closest we will get to the sale .

The Real Estate Bible

It goes without saying that it is necessary that your ad consists at least of the three large real estate portals in Spain: Idealista, Fotocasa and Habitaclia. If not, it will be difficult for someone to know that we sell our house.

Now you are ready to sell your property. Surely you will achieve it without problems and you will be able to fulfill your objectives. Above all remember: the price is not fixed by you.

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