How to increase testosterone quickly

Testosterone is the primary sex hormone produced by men, responsible for regulating sex drive, muscle mass and keeping body fat low. High testosterone levels are a very desirable quality. Unfortunately, according to information from the Mayo Clinic, the natural production of testosterone begins to decrease in the body around 40 years. If you suffer from an age-related decrease in testosterone or are looking for a quick rebound, you can take some simple actions to increase your levels quickly try Nugenix.

Carry out only combined and complex exercises when you lift weight in the gym. According to information from Men’s Health editor Ron Geraci, making multi-joint movements such as squatting, weightlifting, series, chin-ups and bench strength can help increase testosterone levels more than isolated exercises, such as push-ups biceps or strains of triceps. Spend at least three days a week in the gym doing these exercises to increase your testosterone levels.

Consume more unsaturated fats in your diet to increase testosterone production. According to a study published in 1996 in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, individuals who consumed an additional dietary fat (about 30% of total daily calories) had testosterone levels that were, on average, 13% higher than those who consumed a more traditional low-fat diet.

Lie on time (ideally before midnight) and get up after at least seven or eight hours of sleep. Testosterone is produced in a cyclic pattern, with higher levels of blood serum in the morning and lower levels at night. This is because the volume of testosterone production occurs during sleep, so the presence of erections in the morning is a good sign, since it indicates that your testosterone levels are normal. Increase the duration and quality of your sleep, to give your body enough time to pump testosterone.

Consider taking a testosterone-stimulating herb such as tribulus. A study presented at the National ACSM Conference in 2000 found that the tribulus supplement resulted in higher levels of testosterone among athletes. Therefore, you could consider investing in a bottle of tribulus (taking it according to the instructions on the label) as another quick and easy way to increase your testosterone.

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