Infertility Treatment – Stop Worrying About Infertility

What are the different methods of infertility treatment?

Different methods to treat infertility are: medication, surgery and assisted reproductive technology (ART). ART is an advanced method of infertility treatment which is more expensive than other two methods IVF Specialist in Lucknow.

How long does the treatment take?

It depends on the treatment method and individual under treatment. Treatment using fertility drugs can some times take several months before the results are seen. If a surgical correction is done, in some cases conception happens soon after, while for others it can take several months. In assisted reproductive technology such as in vitro fertilization (IVF), fertilization of egg happens in a laboratory setting and the embryo formed is transplanted into mother’s uterus, where it develops as a baby. The whole procedure for one IVF cycle can take 4 to 6 weeks and it would take another two weeks for pregnancy symptoms to be seen (if IVF was successful).

What are the success rates of infertility treatments?

Success rate depends on a number of factors such as underlying cause or causes of infertility, age of individual under treatment, treatment method, expertise of treatment facility etc. On an average, infertility treatments can have 25% success rate per cycle of treatment (one cycle of treatment can last for several days or several weeks depending on the treatment method). Hence, a treatment cycle might need to be repeated several times before achieving successful pregnancy.

How to choose the right fertility clinic?

Research on factors such as success rate of the clinic (some clinics define success of treatment as achieving a successful pregnancy, while others define it as live birth, that is, having a take-home baby), success rate of the clinic in a particular treatment method, success rate in treating a particular problem or a particular age group, expertise of treatment facility, license of the clinic, when was the clinic established etc.

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