macOS High Sierra: Error can allow root without password

This is a serious mistake that affects the macOS system High Sierra. Normally, if you want to change certain things in the system, you have to authenticate yourself with an admin account. Username and password. The big problem? Apple also allows access without password, simply through the system user and administrator “root”. You want to understand that? Go into the system settings once and try to change something in the user area. The admin account must authorize. But if you use the user root without a password – and try a few times, then you’re in it. For me it was like this: Do not click on “Cancel protection”, but simply confirm with Return.

What does that mean for you? That you should keep your Mac with High Sierra out of sight. Important: The trial can create a root user without a password, so make sure that you provide the root user with a password in the settings.

Apple also describes disabling on a dedicated page:

  1. Enable or disable the root user
  2. Choose Apple menu (?)> System Preferences, and then click Users & Groups (or Accounts).
  3. Click lock icon, and then enter the user name and password for an administrator account.
  4. Click “Login Options.”
  5. Click on “Connect” (or “Edit”).
  6. Click “Open Directory Services.”
  7. In the Directory Services window, click lock icon, and enter the username and password for an administrator account.
  8. From the Directory Services menu bar, do the following:
  • Choose Edit> Enable Root User, and then enter the password you want to use for the root user.
  • Or choose Edit> Disable root user.

The strange error of macOS and its thirteenth month

At the end of September, in the Apple developer forum, the thread “Xcode 9 Log: The Mont 13 is out of bounds ” was opened.

It was expected that as of January 1, 2018, this error will be solved. But right now, you can check it out by entering the Mac’s console.

Apparently, this error would not affect the user with its daily use, it would only be an internal error of macOS.

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