Tips and Foods to increase testosterone

Foods to increase testosterone

If you are a man, you came to the right page to learn about your “manhood”. We refer to the male hormone testosterone that gives you so much pleasure, because without it or with low levels your sex life could be quite affected testosterone boosters.

Did you know that being overweight lowers testosterone levels? Take data and write down, because losing weight can improve both your physical appearance and your social and sexual life by automatically increasing your levels of this hormone by losing weight, according to a study by the Endocrine Society’s .

Foods for testosterone

Losing weight implies a healthy diet and therefore, to raise testosterone, there are also in the vegetable and animal kingdom foods that increase this hormone naturally.

The main thing is to consume foods with zinc mineral, such as: chocolate, lamb, oysters, pumpkin, spinach, peanuts, beans and nuts. As you can see the range is quite broad and really delicious, flavored foods and good taste.


Proteins also play a key role because they stimulate the production of glucagon that is responsible for releasing the hormone testosterone. Some proteins that you can include in your diet are: loin embuchado is the food of the animal kingdom with more proteins and less fat, which then helps to give satiety without gaining weight. Skim milk, lentils, almonds, tuna and egg white containing 11.11% protein.

Red meat in general is rich in zinc, protein, iron and other minerals that are vital for man, both for testosterone and for muscle growth.

Other foods that can be consumed daily as companions but in less quantity: bananas, Manchego cheese, potatoes and pasta. They are recommended in smaller quantities, because they are high in carbohydrates.

Keep in mind that there are more than 40 high-protein foods that you can get at the supermarket to include in your diet.

In addition to food

Apart from eating healthy and according to the rules already described, it is vital for a man to exercise because physical effort releases testosterone.

If stress and worry surround you surely your testosterone levels remain low. So start to take life more calmly, eat well, relax doing exercises and take relaxing teas, whether green, black or jamaica tea that helps clear the mind and activate the production of hormones.

If you take supplements or vitamin supplements for muscle growth you should know that those that contain Xenoestrogens will increase your levels of estrogen (female hormone), which transforms into less testosterone and virility.

So it is better to make sure you are taking only the best supplements to increase muscle mass in the market.

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