What have Confederate flags contributed to the modern age?

It is an image that connotes both positive and negative idea, thus it has led to be top trend of historic and important issue along the decades. Many years have already passed but still, many people are curious as to what the rebel flag really means and what its aim is. Some would say that the rebel flag’s original meaning would be that it is a symbol of slavery USA flag magnet.

However, there are also people who perceive this flag in the most positive way such as having the confederate flag as a symbol of the sovereignty of their state. Whatever these rebel flags mean, it will always be based on how the person thinks of it and what are the ideas that surround to it means to them. The rebel flag which has been iconic because of its involvement to the show business has started to ignite some businesses because more and more people wanted to get rebel flags of their own. Especially in the music industry, it has already been seen in some rock icons which made it more popular to people especially to the youths and music enthusiasts. There were lots of confederate sympathizers in the era where the iconic flag has started to make waves too.

Several years have passed and the iconic rebel flag has still retained its identity, it has somehow lost its meaning that relates to the Southern American culture and the history of how the flag was known to many people. The flag started to become a general thing, meaning that it has lost its original meaning. However, it is still a symbol of rebelliousness, although seen in a very different context from what it was supposed to mean decades ago. It can be said that it has become disconnected to its own reality, being the history and politics. It has made its presence into the music industry especially to Southern based rock bands. A lot of musicians have still remained to the idea of having a rebel flag especially to those who have used these rebel flags as their backdrops in some of their concerts in the 1980s.

A lot of big companies and businesses saw the potential of getting a rebel flag to their businesses especially when it was still a trend in America. Confederate flags for sale have started and has still continued to make waves in the social media until now. Still even in the event of its popularity in terms of pop culture, people perceive both positive and negative connotations to the iconic flag. Up until now, there are still merchandises about rebel flags. People still buy merchandise that has a rebel flag design, or even a rebel flag inspired kind of merchandise. People are still akin to the idea of what rebel flag has started to tell to people even in history and this modern age. Confederate flags for sale will still be a hit because people still buy it.

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