How Useful is an Invisible Dog Fence Really?

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For a dog, your own garden is a place to play and run around. However, he also counts to his own area and is therefore defended against intruders. Unfortunately, this can lead to the dog moving out of the garden if it is not fenced. Not always the dog owner has the opportunity to build a fence. A possible solution to keep the dog from leaving the property is provided by invisible dog fences.

What are invisible dog fences?

An invisible or even electric fence dog is actually not invisible. Rather, it is a digitally marked area, which is marked either by a cable or a transmitter in the middle. The dog wears a collar, which is recognized by the control center of the fence. If the dog comes too close to the markings, the small electrical device emits a warning tone on its collar. If the dog crosses the border, he receives a slight electrical impulse, which prevents him from moving on.

What’s the difference between a wired and a wireless system?

In an invisible dog fence with cable, the cable itself acts as a fence and thus marks the border. It can be flexibly laid and thus adapted to the shape of the garden. In this way, even within the garden areas can be shielded, which should not enter the dog.

The wireless dog fence usually has a circular radius, which emanates from a transmitter, which is placed in the middle of this area. Here is not visible by a cable where the fence ends. Rather, the dog can only move a maximum distance from the transmitter in all directions.