The fence for dogs: role and efficiency

There are several types of dog fencing: electric fence with wire or wireless.

Landfills produced when crossing the limit are not dangerous for the animal.

They emit only a slight pinch, which is, however, effective against the escape of the animal, and they are educators.

Here, detailed, at first, the electric fences with wire, then, in a second time, the wireless electric fences will be presented.

Electric fence with wire
In terms of safety, for the confinement of dogs, the electric fence is one of the solutions for the peace of mind of the owner. He knows that his dog can come and go, without flee, in complete freedom (restricted), and enjoy his defined space to frolic.

    • An education about this fence is necessary, so that this protection is effective.


    • Fences can be adapted to the size of the dog.


    • Most fences with wire work by burying a wire that creates a slight shock when the animal passes over.


    This fence has double efficiency

Indeed, if your pet can not get out of his predefined area, other animals can not enter, either.

The invisible thread, buried in your property, prevents other dogs from coming on your property.

Which is not the case of the wireless fence.

This invisible fence can be found on the site: Clotureelectriquepourchien.com

The wireless electric fence
The wireless electric fence operates by radio waves.

The dog wears a special collar that emits an audible signal at the beginning, then if it is still moving, emits an electrostatic correction.

He will not come back twice.

This wireless fence fits each type of dog over 8 pounds.

As for the wire fence, it is necessary to teach your dog the system of this fence.

These fences are also used for professionals: dog trainers, professional trainers, dog training clubs, and dog handlers.

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