5 Tips for successfully cutting your hair with a machine

Men usually grow hair too fast and therefore need a continuous cut. Cutting your hair yourself will help you save money since you will not have to be constantly going to the barbershop for your daily cut. However, to cut your hair yourself with a machine, you will have to take into account these 5 tips that we will give you below to be able to cut your hair with a machine and be successful.

Dry hair

This is one of the most important tips to take into account. Before starting to cut the hair it is necessary to have it completely dry, since otherwise the wet hair will cover the internal knives and the machine will stop cutting. Also when the hair is cut wet, there is a risk that some water will penetrate inside the machine and some of the pieces will oxidize or deteriorate.


It is also important to cut by guiding the machine in the opposite direction to which the hair grows , this will help to cut evenly the hair , also remember to pass a comb in the direction  of the hair growth  in each pass of the machine to remove the hair and make sure that there are no unequal areas.

Do not overload

It is also very important not to stop the machine in the same place too long, especially when it comes to too thin or straight hair. This kind of hair will easily bend and by overloading the machine a lot in one place the cutting attempt will be less effective.

The motor

There are machines with different types of engine in which there are 3 types. Magnetic motors: these offer you constant power and high speed; they are the most durable motor type of all, providing a fluid cut ideal for fine and intermediate hair. Pivot motors:  This motor is silent and ideal to cut thick and thick hair, because it offers us a lot of power and little speed, unlike the magnetic motors these are doubly powerful. Rotating motors:  This type of motor is the only one with multiple speeds and thanks to its balance between power, speed, size and weight it is extremely versatile and perfect for an intense work with all types of hair.


Last but not least, a good and high quality “machine” is essential for a cut hair successfully; However, many times we do not know where to get that professional, durable, economical and  Best Hair Clippers 2018 that does a good job for us, a very reliable online store which offers us a wide collection of hairdressing hair cutting machines with ergonomic design, extra-cutting head and several sliding combs for different cuts.

All models have an extremely sharp head for a perfect result without leaving home, they have an ergonomic design so that in this way their grip is much simpler and the cut is made with greater precision, they also include several combs sliding for different cuts. The most expensive models of hair trimmers include extra functions: Quick blade change system, luminous display of battery charge indicator and several adaptable speeds.

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