5 Tips to Weight Loss

It is well known that the best tips to weight loss are to eat a healthy diet, exercise and have good habits of life, such as a good rest. However, we do not always have the discipline to carry them out together.

Therefore, sometimes we look for some shortcuts or tricks to achieve that end. That’s why at RegionalBar.com we present some extra tips that help you weight loss:

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  1. Change your environment. According to a study by the University of Cornall, United States, the environment affects the way we eat. Their results have suggested that a good trick to weight loss is to modify the environment in which one eats.
  2. Do not consume oxidized flours. That is, those that are not freshly ground because they produce empty calories. The bread that is made with them is little more than starch which, since it is not associated with vitamins and minerals, causes indigestion and ferments in the stomach, which causes inflammation .
  3. Avoid packaged and precooked products. They have a high fat content. Always look at the labels to know their values ​​and additives. Do not buy those made with hydrogenated oils, antioxidant additives or artificial preservatives.
  4. Learn to use algae. They do not belong to our tradition, but they have exceptional value for their phytonutrients. Introduce them into your diet gradually and start with the most familiar and simple ones, the kombu, the hijiki and the wakame, whose flavor is softer.
  5. Enjoy your meals. For a better satiety and reduce your appetite, enjoy it. The trick is to turn off the TV, telephone and put aside any distractor; In addition to feeling the flavors and aromas to better appreciate the food, allowing you to feel satisfied in a better way.

Remember that nowadays you can also take advantage of new technologies to weight loss. There are many effective devices to exercise, as well as different applications to know how many calories you need and consume, as well as to better organize your diet and meals.

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