5 tips to generate engagement through social networks

Social networks create an immense opportunity to cause a similar effect and generate recognition, fidelity, affection and traction. But no brand will get a following if they don’t promote their business as a personality with a heart and soul, not simply as a faceless product or service provider.

Psychological studies have repeatedly shown that purchasing decisions are generally driven by feelings. What other reason would there be for acquiring high-priced products with more affordable generic alternatives?

Human beings are sentimental creatures that hide behind a facade of rationalism. But it is also necessary to take into account the extreme transparency of the internet and the general mistrust in organizations, which according to Edelman has plummeted and does not look like it will recover in the short term.

Taking a look at the top 10 ads on YouTube during 2017, you can see certain common characteristics. Diversity, inclusion and empowerment are powerful messages present in them, messages that connect with the emotions of the audience. Using these same emotions to brand posts on social networks can generate engagement and encourage consumers to create relationships and connections with brands. Here are some tips to get such engagement in social media:

1- Build your own cultural landscape

It is about stop thinking about the brand as a business and start giving it personality. “On a fundamental level, we believe that when people make a purchase, they are using that product or service to add meaning to their lives,” says Gavin Johnston, chief strategy officer at Bradley and Montgomery. “It is our culture that tells us that a diamond is worth more than a ruby, that gold is worth more than silver, and that Apple is worth more than Nokia.”

This translates into a responsibility for brands when they interact with consumers on social platforms. Some empathy with the cultural components of consumers is necessary to be part of the cultural conversation.

2- Join a social cause, but with authenticity

Use social media to raise your voice about those social causes your team truly believes in. Not only will it deepen emotional and cultural relationships with consumers, it will also encourage consumers to interact with posts and make the brand’s voice much more reliable.

3- Review the content

Many brands forget to have a plan when it comes to using content. For example, they forget that only one in five must be promotional, while the rest must offer value to the audience. Planning the video within the entire strategy is a smart decision, but one tip is not to focus too much on the audio. Eight out of ten people tend to watch videos without audio, so it’s important to make sure that the content remains engaging without it.

4- Encourage conversations through feedback

Social media is a great boost for connections and conversations. And the good news is that there is no need to ask what a product or service will look like to consumers. They can be asked directly about it and get an almost immediate response. And not all feedback has to be through comments. There may also be tests, quizzes, etc. Every interaction counts to generate engagement.

5- Do not drop all responsibility on the metrics

Unfortunately, the social media ecosystem is still rather murky, a gloom that reaches metrics and analytics. At least two thirds of the content shared on networks cannot be measured. People are constantly finding new ways to relate in real time, which is fantastic. But it is also frustrating, because you cannot depend 100% on the numbers. They are not a true reflection of what the brand is transmitting..

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