How to choose a good SEO company for your online business

Today we are going to analyze a post created by Rand Fishkin of, which explains what we should do to hire a WEB Positioning – SEO Company. Instead of inventing it, I will translate directly from English because the content has no waste, let’s do it:

When it comes time to choose a reputable SEO company, there is a good and a bad way to choose it.’s Whiteboard Friday, whose link they have above, explains the common mistakes that are made when trying to choose the best seo services greenwood.

Today is going to talk about how to choose a good SEO company, a consultancy or agency. It could be an independent person. What we are going to do is understand the mechanics behind SEO consulting. Finding someone special in SEO is a critical issue, because if SEO is important to your business, the person chosen will have a major impact. There are many errors when choosing the most appropriate seo company. Do not make these errors below:

Mistake # 1: Use Google as Filter:

To think simplistically is to think that the best SEO company for you will go on in a good position when I look for: SEO Agency or SEO Consultant + my city. So if I’m looking for the best SEO in Tenerife, surely the one positioned in the first place will be the best. But, unfortunately, what happens is that most of the good SEO companies, which are in high demand, those that work hard in a consistent manner and obtain good references, do not need to be well positioned for those terms. They already enjoy thousands of clients because by doing a good job they are referred to other people in the form of a recommendation. They retain customers, many of them are satisfied. They are making a lot of money and they are very busy, so they do not invest the time or money necessary to try to position themselves and find new clients.

Then, many times you stay with the leftovers. Many of the SEO companies that are well positioned by SE = + City or Region, are not the best. They are, in fact, the companies that do not have clients or enough work so they devote the majority of their time to get new clients. Sometimes, you find good people or SEO companies, but it’s not a big filter to get carried away by Google positions.

Mistake # 2: Relying on the “Best SEO” Lists

Many people look for “better seos in …” or “better SEO constellation” or “best SEO companies”, “best seo company in Spain”, etc. When you find results, you will visit pages like, that really are nothing more than aggregators. Its sole objective is to position itself for those types of searches, and then sell those listings to seo companies and consultants. Before, when Moz was a mere SEO consulting company, people came to us and asked us if we wanted to appear among the first three results of their list for the modest price of 20,000 dollars a year. And if you want the number 1, pay $ 75,000 a year.

This model is only good for those who have such a list. But that’s not good for you because you already know that the supposed best SEO companies that appear there have paid to appear there. Do not trust that kind of lists. However, there are free lists based on personal or contrasted opinions such as John Doherty’s or moz recommended seo list.

Mistake # 3: Believe that there is a “special method”

The mistake is to believe the speech of low quality SEO companies that say there are secret methods, methods that nobody knows will take you to the first position. There are NO special methods or secrets in SEO. IF you hear something of the type this is what Google does and we make these secret methods that we cannot explain, then leave the page immediately. If you ask how he does it and they do not tell you how, he flees!

Recommendations for choosing the best company or SEO consultancy:

Step 1

Sit down with all the members of the Marketing department, General Manager and all the relevant positions and ask yourself: What is our goal with SEO? Why do we want to do SEO? Why do we want to be well positioned organically? Then, choose how you will judge success and failure. Good goals and bad objectives exist in this process:

Good goals or SEO objectives:

  • I want to appear in front of people looking for this, and we need traffic from these types of people.
  • We want to increase our profit and for that we want to convert SEO into our main conversion channel.
  • We want to increase subscriptions or free trials of our software.
  • We want to improve our brand image. There are negative reviews in google about us and we need to eliminate them.

Bad SEO goals:

  • We just want more traffic
  • We just want better positions
  • We just want to improve the positions of the competition
  • Vanity metrics: Improve pagerank, improve Domain Authority, improve Page Authority, are not good objectives.

Step 2

Once we have a list of those goals or SEO objectives, make another list with 3 to 5 SEO companies or consultancies. Hold conversations with these 5 professionals and ask them questions: What kind of methods will you use to reach the SEO objectives? How do they communicate and send reports? How much? What is its availability? What metrics do you use? Do they use KPI’s?

Step 3

Choose what is most important to you:

  • Trust through references, recommendations, conversations maintained, etc.
  • Signals of trust through links. You have visited a trusted page that has a link to an SEO company.
  • Price and details: Do you like the price but do not understand some things? Ask why.

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