7 tips to make sushi and make it look like a restaurant

  1. Choose a good rice
    Good sushi starts from choosing a good rice and if you want it to look like a restaurant, we advise you to use the Japanese variety that you can find in any Asian store. If it is difficult for you to find it, use the bomba variety or one that is round, short grained and tends to be glutinous restaurant near me.
  2. Prepare the sushi-zu well
    Sushi-zu is the seasoning on the rice and this gives the sushi its flavor and consistency. To prepare it properly, it is recommended to add 5 parts of rice vinegar to 2 parts of sugar and 1 part of salt.

This vinegar is heated over medium heat without letting it boil and is stirred to dissolve the salt and sugar, once it cools it is served on the freshly cooked rice while it is fanned, covered and allowed to stand until it is at room temperature.

  1. The seaweed on the right side
    The seaweed has two sides, one shiny and the other rough, they regularly tell you that the bright color goes down, but what you should take into account is that, ultimately, the rice always goes through the rough part.
  2. Wet your hands
    Have a bowl or a tray with clean water on hand. Every time you take the rice, wet the palms of your hands and this will prevent the cooked rice from becoming lumpy and sticking to you. Soak again when you feel that sticky sensation.
  3. Distribute and compact
    Take a ball of rice and compact it in your hands, begin by distributing it by making a kind of “bridge” with one hand, so that with the index and middle fingers of the other hand you push the rice from the middle. Make “pinches” to spread and shape the rice.
  4. Roll up well and use plastic
    You must leave approximately 1 finger of seaweed free to fold, while the makisu or the bamboo rolling mat can be covered with self-adhesive plastic so that your sushi does not stick and is easier to handle.

Once you fold your makisu, do it safely, fold inwards, rolling up and pressing with your hands, there will be a section to roll up, release and turn towards the front, finishing rolling up, compact again with your hands, taking also towards the ends and compressing the rice that has come out with your fingers.

  1. Dip your knife
    Do not put it under cold water or wet it with a cloth, it is advisable to put the tip in the bowl of water and let it drain downwards, this will help to make the cleanest and fastest cuts for the rolls. Remember to use a very sharp knife.

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