Ballroom Dancing During Pregnancy

Exercising while pregnant is essential. It helps you stabilize your blood sugar levels, prevents constipation, and boosts your energy levels. Studies have shown that exercising makes it easy for you to undergo labor, easier to lose post natal weight and gain a post-baby body back. Keep in mind that you need to consult with your doctor regarding your exercise plans as part of your routine.Rapé

If you have exercised before you became pregnant, you only need to modify your routine.

As the body begins to gain weight, a lot of pregnant women find find it hard to find an exercise program that is suited for them. If you want a fun, inexpensive, and safe way of exercising try ballroom dancing! It is a form of low-impact exercise activity. It’s a fun activity since there’s music and an opportunity for you to socialize with others. You can also include your spouse to dance with you!

Ballroom dancing is safe because it’s easier on your ankles, legs, and lower back. It’s not jarring on your joints as well. Examples of ballroom dances are rhythm dances (Cha Cha, Mambo, Rumba, Salsa, Samba,and Swing) and smooth dances (Fox Trot, Tango, and Waltz). With a lot of dances to choose from, here are the most appropriate for pregnant women:

The Waltz can either be slow and smooth or quick and twirling (opt for the former). It begins with a basic box step with only four directions to make a square on the floor. It’s a beautiful dance that highlights the beauty of a soon-to-be mother!

The Rumba is a great dance to learn once you’ve mastered the Waltz. It doesn’t require much movement. Once you know the stepping, you’ll be able to apply it in almost any dance situation.

You should not be worried about your wardrobe for your dance classes. Unlike the elaborate dresses and high-heeled shoes worn by women in dance sports events and TV shows, dress comfortably. Choose shoes that feel good and a little bit larger than your normal ones. Athletic shoes with rubber soles are not safe since they tend to stick on the dancefloor.

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