Buying a pellet gun: what to choose?

More and more individuals want to buy a firearm. What you need to know is that on French territory, the purchase and possession of weapons are strictly regulated by law. However, this is a regulation that many are not yet aware of. Would you like to have a pellet gun at your disposal? Well, know that before buying your weapon, it is important to do your research. Here are some important points to know before buying this type of weapon Airsoft.

The law regulates the use of firearms
In France, the use of a pellet gun, whatever its power, is strongly regulated by the regulations in force . The law subdivides firearms into 3 main categories. The standards for purchasing them differ from one category to another. A category D weapon, the least powerful, is authorized for any adult . Category A weapons, which are weapons of war, are, conversely, prohibited. You are probably wondering which category the pellet gun belongs to! The latter with a power of more than 20 joules is category C , requiring proof. Between 2 and 20 joules, this is category D, authorized for everyone. It should be noted that only possession is authorized, carrying a weapon is strictly prohibited throughout the country.

Where to buy a pellet gun?
It is possible to obtain a pellet gun in various specialized stores. It is even possible to find them on different sites online . The advantage of buying your low-power weapon online is being able to benefit from a delivery service. So you no longer need to travel. For those who don’t know, it’s important to point out that a pellet gun is a type of weapon in the airgun category . Its operation is based on the propulsion of a projectile using gas. It could be :

  • carbon dioxide ;
  • dioxygen;
  • of a mixture of dinitrogen and other gases.

Which model of pellet gun to buy?
Now you know the rules about owning pellet guns. All that remains is to choose a good model. We can distinguish two types of pellet guns :

the CO2 pellet gun;
the compressed air pellet gun.

The CO2 gun
As its name suggests, this type of weapon operates with a reserve of CO2. With this model, the shooter can fire repeatedly provided the magazine and carbon dioxide tank are full.

The compressed air gun
For the compressed air type of pellet gun, a spring must be retensioned between each shot. The shooter will not be able to make repeated shots like the previous weapon type. The advantage of this model is the absence of a CO2 tank, which allows the weapon to be used provided that it has ammunition .

With few exceptions, airguns are significantly quieter than firearms. The main reason for this is that the speed of airguns is generally less than the speed of sound , meaning the bullets do not break the sound barrier. In addition to not disturbing your neighbors, the decibel levels are low enough that the sound of the rifle does not cause hearing damage . Spring piston rifles with broken barrels produce a dull, clicking sound similar to that of a nail gun.

Advantages :

The power and low noise level are excellent, but they come at the cost of reduced range. Airguns have a similar range to archery, and you’ll just need to keep that in perspective for your skill level. The challenges that come with tracking down airgun ranges can be very rewarding. Although longer shots are possible, you will need a well-tuned rifle and some experience before considering them.

Airguns will never completely replace firearms, but they are a fantastic alternative when the situation calls for it. As always, take my word with a grain of salt and do a little research. You may find that you have a spare spot in your safe for a well-built air rifle!

The choice will depend on your needs . In addition to the type of weapon, you can also opt for a realistic or non-realistic design, a small or large caliber depending on your preferences.

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