Can Eating Takeaways Sabotage Your Weight Loss Diet?

Can Takeaways and Weight Loss Diets be together in the same sentence?

Yes they can. You just have to be careful to choose food that is good for you and won’t spoil your diet.

Do you believe that having a Takeaway is going to mess up your Weight Loss Plans?

Takeaways = Junk Food, is that what you believe?

How Can You Have A Takeaway and Still Keep to Your Weight Loss Plans?

You just have to make wiser choices of what’s on offer.

Here are your choices of Takeaways:

· Indian

· Chinese

· Frozen Ready Meals

· Thai

· Fish and Chips

· Japanese

· Milk Shakes

· Mars Bars That Are Deep Fried

· Kebabs

· Sandwiches

· Italian

· Burgers

Do You Enjoy Indian Food?

Their fried delicacies may be very tempting and tasty, but if you are on a Weight Loss Diet, resist the temptation.

Choose instead vegetable based dishes such as Saag or Rogan Josh. Also have boiled rice rather than fried. And do you know how bad Poppadums are for you?

Another good choice you can make is to have some chickpeas.

How About Chinese Takeaways?

Unfortunately Chinese Food is a real no no for you. Talk about being full of fat and tons of salt.

But you can make wise choices; go for foods that will not only help you with your Weight Loss, but taste delicious too.

You can with a clear conscience eat:

· Stir Fries

· Steamed Dumplings

· Soups

· Boiled Rice

From The Supermarket – Frozen Ready Meals

That delicious looking Ready Meal sitting in the freezer at the Supermarket sure looks tempting. But be careful. You don’t want to be eating anything full of bad fat, salt and other harmful ingredients. Read the labels carefully. Then buy and enjoy.

Thai Meals for Taste and Nutrition

Thai meals are varied and if you choose wisely you should be able to enjoy a tasty and nutritious meal. Avoid soups made with Coconut Milk and Spring Rolls as they are very fattening due to having loads of fat in them. Go for Stir Fries with lots of vegetables in them. And if you prefer rice with your meal, choose Boiled Rice rather than Fried Rice.

Fish and Chips A Traditional Friday Night Family Takeaway

You can still have Fish and Chips occasionally. If you eat them on a regular basis, it can sabotage your Weight Loss Diet. So if counting Calories, leave out the Tartare Sauce. And if you leave out the Chips, maybe the chippy will have alternatives such as Salads. Perhaps you can get Grilled Fish instead of Fried your waistline will say thanks.Restaurant

Healthy Japanese Meals

You would think that as the Japanese people live longer than most people their food would be healthy. You would be right as long as you remember to avoid the deep fried choices. Soups and Sushi won’t harm your weight loss diet.

Milk Shakes and Other Drinks

Drinking with your meal can cause you indigestion. But if you enjoy a Cheeseburger washed down with a Milk Shake or Lager, there goes your good intentions again. For a none fattening other choice, try drinking water, fruit juices or smoothies. It is ok to have a non-alcoholic drink, NOT while eating, but before or after.

Deep, Delicious Fried Mars Bars

This is the Weight Loss person’s nightmare. So don’t even go there.

Kebabs The Killers

You have had a night out, maybe some alcohol, so on your way home you decide a Kebab will end the night off great. Leave the Kebabs filled with fatty meats and sauces, instead tuck into a Chicken Kebab with no dressing; it is still tasty so you will enjoy.

Sandwiches – The Fave Packed Lunch

You can make up your own lunch box, but leave off the mayonnaise, as it just soaks into the bread and doesn’t taste so good. But it is still fattening. Also for your health’s sake use Wholemeal Bread.

If you buy ready made sandwiches, better to see them being made while you wait. You can see them being made and you know they are being made for you. Plus you have the advantage of saying what should be put in the sandwich.

Pizza From Italy

The most famous meal Italy has given to the world is the Pizza.

Better than eating a whole Pizza on your own, it would be so much more romantic to share it with your loved one.

If you keep piling more things onto your Pizza, you will be ruining your Weight Loss Plans.

Big Beefy Burgers

If you want a Burger to be healthy – ditch the Chips and Coleslaw and make sure you have best quality beef. Fast Food Chains are well known for serving unhealthy junk foods. Although there are some good quality ones springing up now.

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