Dogs in the football stadium

In Bundesliga castles like the Veltins Arena Auf Schalke in Gelsenkirchen or the Signal Iduna Park in Dortmund you rarely see dogs. If anything, they are police dogs. Dogs are also found in football in the lower leagues. There are already whole events abroad, and especially in sports such as American Football, where dog and owner are left in the stadium.

Why do you see dogs so rarely in football stadiums

The general terms and conditions of stadium operators usually exclude dogs from traveling. As an example, I took a closer look at the Veltins Arena house rules. In the general stadium regulations is under §5 prohibitions that the carrying of things is prohibited. In addition to weapons, firecrackers and laser pointers, it is forbidden to carry animals. These hints can be found in the same or similar form in most Bundesliga clubs.

Some clubs such as. the TSG 1899 Hoffenheim prohibit animals also by house rules, but also with exceptions. These apply to service and guide dogs. Guide dogs also seem to bewelcome at FSV Mainz 05 , although the stadium regulations also rule out animals. The FC Union Berlin granted in its terms and conditions, for example, special permits on application.

As a dog lover and football fan, I can absolutely understand that dogs in the stadium or at major events are prohibited. For dogs, such events are much too loud, too stressful and offer no added value. Even leg lifting is simply not possible.

Rarely but not excluded

What does not seem feasible in Bundesliga everyday life is also possible on special occasions in football. Because exceptions confirm the rule. In Dresden, for example, in 2013 an extra dog grandstand was set up for the Laureus charity game.

Dogs in the stadium are not that uncommon. In 2016, the Niederrhein Stadium invited away from football to a big event for dog enthusiasts. The championship of the German shepherds was held and so the dogs were able to breathe real Bundesliga air and use the holy football pitch to inspire the audience and the fans.

Sports and events that allow a stadium visit with a dog

What is hardly considered possible in high-class football and more generally in Germany is celebrated elsewhere. Under the keyword Bark in the Park, in the United States on selected matchdays, baseball and American football are allowed to take their dogs into the stadium. The proceeds go to animal welfare organizations.

Tips for visiting the stadium with a dog

Visiting the stadiums and football pitches of the Kreisligen or games, it is quite possible to carry dogs. Incidentally, dogs are also often allowed in American football, at least in NRW, as I was able to research under nrwfootball.de .

  • However, the dog should be led on a leash when attending a football match, as is usually provided by the house rules of the stadium operators.
  • Anyone who visits the football field with a bicycle and owns a dog trailer has the optimal solution. Because here the dog can live in the usual environment among people the bustle. Just as recommendable is the dog buggy . Here you are not dependent on a bicycle and can also offer his dog a safe and mobile seat.
  • It is also advisable to carry a muzzle
  • Before the football place is entered the dog should have been relieved
  • At high temperatures, the dog should be able to absorb water
  • Visit shady areas

A football game is usually loud and is visited by many people. For the dog, of course, this means an increased level of stress. Dogs who like to hunt are animated by the actors and the ball on the course to join in and compete. Under no circumstances should the dog be taken out of sight and kept on a short leash. This makes your dog feel much safer among the many noisy people.

Although we will have to give up playing dogs of FC Schalke 04, Borussia Dortmund and Bayern Munich dogs in the stadium in the future, but you should simply separate his hobbies at the point. Dog is dog, soccer is football.

And if you have enough of the stadium visit, you can make yourself comfortable at home with your dog. The right dog sofa provided.

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