Dog Training Aids – The Leading Dog Training Methods Revealed

If you are having a hard time teaching your dog basic commands through your current dog training methods, the answer may lie in finding the right dog training aids. Many frustrated owners resort to dog obedience training classes, but there are a number of cost-effective training aids that you can use yourself to help take control of your Dog trainers Houston tx.

Before you begin any dog obedience training regimen, it is important to know a major mistake that many pet owners make while trying out various dog training methods. All too often, many pet owners feel that simply shouting “Sit!” or “Stop!” and waving their hands at their dog should automatically result in their pet “picking up” on their animated cues. Although your pet may develop a semblance of understanding after a length of time, raising your voice and shouting is not an effective approach. The problem is not deafness with your dog, it’s processing.

Clicker Dog Training

While widely unknown to many dog parents, arguably one of the best dog training aids that works well with any breed of dog is the “clicker.” If you have never heard of the term “clicker training” before, you have most likely witnessed or heard of examples of this type of training. Skateboarding bulldogs, beer fetching retrievers, Babe the Pig, Beethoven. Sound familiar? Check any of these animal antics out, and you’ve been amazed by the effects of powerful clicker training and the best obedience training methods in action.

The clicker is a small mechanical noisemaker that was developed in response to lead behaviorists’ demands for more effective training methods. Aside from its effectiveness, unlike a number of other dog training aids, this form of dog obedience training is very gentle and offers a “hands off” approach to pet training. What your dog actually learns is to associate the strong, sharp sound of the clicker, which can be heard as far as 20 yards away, with your given command.

How Effective is Clicker Training?

With proper clicker dog training, tasks that are learned can be recalled by a dog years after the initial training took place, even if no further practice took place. The clicker strategy has been held in such regard, the method was employed by the U.S. Department of Defense in training animals for undercover missions in the 1960s. In a more recent example of its effectiveness, the clicker method was used by one Vermont animal shelter to successfully teach timid cats to act more “outgoing” when would-be adopters entered the adoption room.

By far what may come as the most surprising, you can find a clicker at your local pet store for only about two dollars. While clicker training can be easier than you think, be advised, before you begin working with the clicker make sure to follow the proper techniques. Do not pick up the device and try your best guess at training your dog. Enlist the help of proven clicker dog training strategies to avoid disappointment, and you will be well on your way to training your dog with these proven powerful dog training methods.

Leash and Harness

One of the more commonly known dog training aids is the harness. A harness is a tool you fit around a dog’s upper body that is most effective in teaching him to heel. With this tool, you can easily control your dog, since even with the slightest tug of the leash, it can pull your dog back to you with ease. This dog training aid is more commonly used for dogs that have difficulty restraining themselves during walks.


Toys can be effective dog training aids and used to redirect a number of behavior issues, such as teething, boredom and anxiety. When choosing toys for your dog, be sure they are safe in size and design. Buy toys at a pet store, as they are specifically made for dogs. Your kids’ old stuffed animals and dolls are not great alternatives, as they may contain small buttons, pieces of plastic, or even glass parts you made not be aware of that can pose great danger to your dog.

There are a number of dog training aids and methods available. Aside from the obvious benefits of teaching good behavior, dog training aids can make teaching tricks much easier and faster too.

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