How to prevent dogs from reaching through a wire fence

An above-ground electric over fence at the current fence you’ll quickly break the habit of trying to escape from your dog. Dogs learn fast, with a shock that the dog will not try to escape. The electric fence will not hurt your dog; rather, it delivers a mild correction shock to break bad habits quickly. Pet containment solutions are available in kits; the kits come with a electric pet fence controller, wires, insulators and fence posts.

1 Nail insulators on the wooden pole or if you have metal pole or wire mesh, install steel U-insulators or insulators fence link. Secure the insulators 6 inches off the ground and 5 feet apart for dogs that dig on or install the fence over the existing fence to prevent the dog from jumping over. If installing over the fence and along the bottom, connect the two wires together in one place.

2 Cut all vegetation along the bottom of the fence with gardening scissors to prevent it from touching the wire or rope. If the electric wire or rope will touch solid material without an insulator, such as vegetation, electricity will run through the solid material instead of the rest of the fence, weakening the strength and efficiency of the fence .

3 Run the wire or power cable through the insulators of the first station around the last message. Do not connect the wire or rope together. Tie or bend the wire around the first and last insulators to hold the wire in place. Pull the slack on the rope so that it does not touch the ground.

4 screws or a nail, the electric fence controller for pets on a fence post or a close by construction. Secure the controller near a power outlet or run a good polarized extension cord from the power outlet to the fence controller.

5 Dig a 2-foot-deep hole where the soil rod will be located. Place one end of the rod in the hole. Use a hammer pound from the stem in the soil, leaving 2 inches of the end of the rod coming out of the hole. Fill the hole and connect a clamping device to the earth rod on the end. Install at least one 6-foot galvanized or copper ground stake in the ground. For best results install three earth rods 10 feet apart. Connect the rods together with ground rod clamps and 14 gauge insulated wire.

6 Connect a 14 gauge insulated wire to the “ground” terminal on the fence controller and run it to the ground rod. Slide the wire into the hole in the ground clamping rod and tighten the screw as tight as possible. Using a wrench or pliers to clamp the mass clamp it bites into the metal of the rod.

7 Run a fence wire or rope from the “hot” terminal on the fence controller for the part closest to the fence, tie or bend the wire to connect perfectly together. Turn on the electric fence controller.

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